A Guide For Moving To A New City

Moving can be a stressful and exciting time. Planning ahead of time can save you and your family hours of extra time, lots of extra money, and will help to reduce stress. By having a game plan in place before the big move, you can make sure everything is in order in advance, and that all of the things you may have forgotten are taken care of. It is important to try to organize your move as far in advance as you can, so the process will be smooth and stress free.

Moving Checklist

It is extremely important to have a moving checklist prepared in advance before you start the moving process. This checklist will help you and your family account for belongings and know where each item should go. The checklist can be written in a notebook, on a piece of paper, or entered into a spreadsheet on a computer. No matter how you decide to keep the checklist, do not forget to constantly update it as you pack and move your belongings.

Change of Address

Be sure you notify all of your current accounts about your change of address. This way, you will not miss a bill once you have moved. It is also important to let the post office know about the new address as well, so all of your mail will be forwarded. This can be accomplished by filling out a very simple form. It is also a good idea to let all of your friends and family members know about your new address. Send them a postcard with your updated address, or just give them a quick call to let them know.

Downsizing Belongings

When you move, you just might realize how much excessive stuff you really have. Now is the time to downsize some of the family's belongings and eliminate the need for extra storage space. Host a yard sale and see what you can sell off. Anything else you may not need can be donated to local shelters or other organizations. By getting rid of things you do not need anymore; you will feel better and be able to save some space.

Packing for the Move

Packing for your move can be a challenge. It is always a good idea to label boxes by room. For example, write the word kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. on each box, and then pack it accordingly. Then, when you move into your new home, you can easily unpack by room. Always save the most important items for last, and only pack essentials when you are ready to head out the door for the last time. Packing neatly and efficiently can help to save money, time, and space needed for storage or the moving truck. Be sure to tightly pack and secure items that can break, and keep valuables like jewelry and family heirlooms with you when you move.

Temporary Storage

If you are in a transition phase between homes, you may need to use a temporary storage company. Look for one that is easy to get to, and that offers reasonable rates on a month-to-month or even week to week basis. You do not want to get locked into any long-term commitment if you only need the space for a short period of time. Be sure to secure a storage place that can hold all of your belongings, and that you can get to at any time so you can retrieve items you might need.

Moving Yourself

Moving from one place to another may require the help of a professional, or you may opt to do it all yourself. If you choose to move on your own, be sure you do your homework. Understand all of the things needed for a successful move such as storage, finding affordable moving vans or trucks, getting all of the needed packing materials, and things to know in advance about your new neighborhood. Being prepared is extremely important when you move because you do not want any unpleasant surprises. If you know everything that is needed in advance, your move should go smoothly.

Hiring Professional Movers

If you have a long way to move or have a large amount of belongings, it may be best to hire professional movers. These moving companies will carefully package, transport, and unpack your furniture and other items. You can usually opt for insurance as well, so that everything is protected in the event of damage. It’s a good idea to find a moving company based on word of mouth and their overall reputation.

Moving Your Pets

Transporting pets can be a delicate task. If you have dogs or cats, the odds are you can easily move them with you as part of the family. Birds and fish, however, can be a different story. You want to ensure that your pets are safe and comfortable when you move. Be sure to bring along their essentials such as enough food, clean water, bedding, and any prescription medications they may need. Check and make sure all of their shots are up to date, and contact the local jurisdiction where you are moving to make sure they will have the proper tags and licensing.

Moving Your Plants

Plants can be especially tricky to move, mostly because they’re stored in dirt. Transporting those special plants can be a challenge, so it is a good idea to consult your local nursery for some tips on moving them safely. It is not recommended that they be packed like your other belongings. Instead, plants need to be handled with care. If they are in a pot, you can secure the base of the pot by covering it with a plastic garbage bag and tightly tying it around the stem or stalk. This should help contain any lose dirt that will come out while it is being moved.

Other Moving Issues

When planning your move, think about the things you might not be prepared for, such as insurance plan changes, moving large objects, and even getting you can moved from one place to another. Being stuck at the last minute can make the transition more difficult, so you want to think about these things as far in advance as possible. If you are flying but the car needs to be moved, look into how to get it safely from one place to another. Large or rare valuables that moving companies will not touch should be packaged and moved by you very carefully. Also, be prepared to deal with any mail forwarding issues that may occur with the post office. Always inform your utility company, credit card company, and other places that you owe money to of your new address.

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