Best Places to Bike Ride in America

Biking is not only a sport, but also a means of transportation, a great activity to do with others, and a good way to workout. Bicycles became popular in the nineteenth century. The first recorded bicycling race took place in Paris, France in 1868. The race was 1,200 meters in length, and James Moore, an Englishman, took the winning title. The styles of bicycles have changed over the years, but the bicycle is as popular as ever in America. Most bikes over the years have been made with steel frames, but recently there has been an increase in bicycles made out of aluminum or carbon frames. Many bicycles have become lighter in weight and can be more customized to an individual's needs or desires for the bike. There are many different types of bicycles including the racing bicycle, BMX bicycle, mountain bike, recumbent bicycle, and the hybrid bicycle. Many cities in the U.S. have become known as "bike-friendly" cities and have consciously made decisions to make cycling easier and safer for enthusiasts.

What Makes a City a Bike Friendly City?

Bike friendly cities tend to have some common features including segregated bike lanes, bike boulevards, and plentiful bike racks. The prevalence of a bike culture can help a city become more bike friendly. Many bikers have made an impact on different cities by working with the local governments to help implement more bike friendly features and biker/traffic safety. Many cities and towns have their own bike clubs and groups. Local bike shops can help contribute to the cycling culture of a city. Bike friendly cities host races and other cycling tournaments. Cycling friendly cities can help promote a "green" culture by encouraging biking over car travel. An availability of bike paths and other safe places to bike can help citizens stay fit and safe when using their bicycles. Since bicycles are so beneficial to people's life it's easy for these areas to understand the importance of creating and sustaining a bicycle culture.

Top 50 Bike Friendly Cities in America

According to Bicycling Magazine (, the following cities are the top 50 bike friendly cities in America. This does not mean that other cities in America are not bicycle friendly; these cities have specific infrastructures and other bike friendly features that make them exceptional to bikers. This list was also made to show the diversity of bike culture in America. Click on the links to learn more about biking in each city.

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  2. Portland, Oregon
  3. Boulder, Colorado
  4. Seattle, Washington
  5. Eugene, Oregon
  6. San Francisco, California
  7. Madison, Wisconsin
  8. New York, New York
  9. Tucson, Arizona
  10. Chicago, Illinois
  11. Austin, Texas
  12. Denver, Colorado
  13. Washington, D.C.
  14. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  15. Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona
  16. Gainesville, Florida
  17. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  18. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  19. Salem, Oregon
  20. Scottsdale, Arizona
  21. Louisville, Kentucky
  22. Chattanooga, Tennessee
  23. Long Beach, California
  24. Cary, North Carolina
  25. Milwaukee, Wiscosin
  26. Boston, Massachusetts
  27. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  28. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  29. Charleston, South Carolina
  30. Arlington, Virginia
  31. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  32. Boise, Idaho
  33. Kansas City, Missouri
  34. Columbus, Ohio
  35. Tulsa, Oklahoma
  36. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  37. Billings, Montana
  38. St. Louis, Missouri
  39. Cleveland, Ohio
  40. Greensboro, North Carolina
  41. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
  42. Omaha, Nebraska
  43. Salt Lake City, Utah
  44. Miami, Florida
  45. Indianapolis, Indiana
  46. Fargo, North Dakota
  47. Anchorage, Alaska
  48. Baltimore, Maryland
  49. Little Rock, Arkansas
  50. Rochester, New York
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