Best Neighborhoods In Chicago, IL

Chicago often tops the list for urban livability, and with good reason. There are so many opportunities for work and play in the Windy City, and it still remains more affordable than New York and San Francisco. Whether you're thinking of moving to Chicago or simply relocating within the city, here are the best 5 neighborhoods Chicago, IL.

1. The LoopScore: 82/100
The Loop Photo

Out of town folks may refer to this area as simply "downtown," but those in the know call it "The Loop." Home to some of the best architecture, dining, and culture in the world, The Loop is the place for anyone looking for the bright lights, big city experience. While this area used to be known for its 9 to 5 crowd only, it's livened up with recent residents looking to reclaim the downtown living experience. It's the perfect spot for a huge amount of amenities including: entertainment, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Despite its very urban environment, The Loop actually has lower crime than most of Chicago. Learn more about The Loop.

2. Lincoln ParkScore: 82/100
Lincoln Park Photo

Not to be confused with the band Linkin Park, this neighborhood definitely rocks in its own way. Lincoln Park is a sight to behold with its brick row houses and beautiful parks, but it is more than just a pretty face. Lincoln Park is young and vibrant, with nearby DePaul University influencing the nightlife and art scenes. This neighborhood is perfect for anyone who enjoys both outdoor life and city life. With 1,208 acres of green space, a free zoo, and lake front trails, there is plenty to do outdoors in Lincoln Park. Pair that with all the neighborhood's museums, theater, and live music, and you have the full city experience. Learn more about Lincoln Park.

3. Near North SideScore: 82/100
Near North Side Photo

The name may not be anything special, but Near North Side does glitz better than any other Chicago 'hood. Fancy something fancy? Check out shopping at the Gold Coast, with almost every luxury shop you could think of. And you don't have to travel far to experience the finest of fine dining. True to its haute vibe, the nightlife in Near North Side is more chic and sophisticated than rock and roll all night. While Near North Side fully deserves its reputation as a playground for the rich, its abundance of good schools (private of course) and low crime keep the neighborhood family friendly. Learn more about Near North Side.

4. North CenterScore: 82/100
North Center Photo

North Center may sound generic, but it's anything but cookie cutter. This Chicago neighborhood is in the middle of the city, but with its quiet streets and laid back vibe, it feels like a trip back in time. This family friendly neighborhood is peppered with low key, locally own establishments. It's the perfect place for someone looking for a suburban alternative. This quaint neighborhood is constantly rated one of the safest in Chicago and has access to plenty of good schools, parks, and family oriented entertainment. Learn more about North Center.

5. Lake ViewScore: 82/100
Lake View Photo

Lake View may be a bit further from the bustle of the city than other neighborhood's on this list, but there's a reason that young professionals are flocking to this neighborhood with (you guessed it!) beautiful lake views. Lake View is one of the more reasonably priced neighborhood on this list, with a median rental rate of $1,244 and a median home price of $421,824. With trendy vintage shops and street fairs, it's the perfect spot to enjoy the city on a budget. Learn more about Lake View.

Chicago Neighborhood Comparisons
  The Loop Lincoln Park Near North Side Near Center Lake View
Population 24,518 62,422 77,383 33,407 94,535
Average Age 36.3 31.9 41.6 33.6 32.2
Home Values $390,964 $530,533 $504,278 $524,079 $421,824
Average Rent $1,547 $1,397 $1,431 $1,204 $1,244
Household Income $85,424 $92,930 $85,771 $89,520 $77,574

See even more information about the best Chicago, IL neighborhoods as well as a neighborhood map.

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