Affordable Housing In San Jose, CA

Shopping for an affordable home in San Jose, CA can be a daunting task and many potential homeowners find themselves overwhelmed in a market filled with great neighborhoods. It is not hard to get lost while on the hunt for a home in San Jose. Having access to reliable information can help you to make the best decision for you and your family.

If you know anything about the San Jose real estate market, you know that it is massive and very expensive. The city itself has a population of over 900,000 inhabitants, and everyone needs a place to live. That is why it is important that you spend time researching some of the more affordable options available to you. Below you will find five areas of affordable housing in San Jose.

1. Fairgrounds
Median Home Price: $341,372

The first neighborhood that might interest you is Fairgrounds. It is a diversified, safe and beautiful area that is sure to welcome you and your family. If it is important that schooling is available, there are five public schools and one private school in Fairgrounds. Education quality for the neighborhood is average for the state. Fairgrounds is stocked with of some of the most affordable homes in the city. The median household income is $51,000, and the average price for a house is $341,372. This puts the neighborhood in a competitive position for the affordable housing San Jose brings to homeowners. Popular spots in the area include the Macchu Picchu Gallery and the Mexican Heritage Plaza. Each one places an emphasis on the local culture and history surrounding Fairgrounds and California as a vital part of the American tradition. Learn more about Fairgrounds housing.

2. North San Jose
Median Home Price: $373,667

North San Jose is a neighborhood that brings you the affordable housing San Jose can be known for if you know where to look. The neighborhood has a good reputation with locals as it is close to downtown without being right in the center of the action. There is a huge selection of shops, restaurants, public parks and schools. It is an area with a higher median household income that the city of San Jose as a whole, averaging at $90,154 per household. You can expect to find growth and development happening all over North San Jose. Other great perks to choosing North San Jose are the many coffee shops, fitness centers, grocery stores and local markets. The neighborhood is a smart choice if you it fits into your budget, and you will enjoy being a part of this happening area. The cost of a home averages at $373,667 which is significantly less than the San Jose average of $575,100. North San Jose borders the northern tip of downtown, and it is home to the beloved San Jose Flea Market where you can spend an entire weekend browsing the available treasures. The Penitencia Creek Park is another bonus to living in North San Jose. Here you can hike, bike, jog and relax while taking in the amazing landscape of the park. Learn more about North San Jose housing.

3. Buena Vista
Median Home Price: $377,433

The Buena Vista area in San Jose is just west of the city center. The neighborhood is rich in Californian culture and local life with a great assortment of things to do. Buena Vista provides easy access to many different activities no matter the time of day. There are ample public transportation options in this quarter if that is something that you are looking for. The close proximity to downtown raises the price of homes, but the compromise is well worth every cent. The average price for a home in Buena Vitsa is $377,433. Buena Visa Park is located in the area and is a wonderful outdoor space that will bring you and your family many great memories. You will enjoy the moderate temperatures year round as you hike and play at the park. The Buena Vista Neighborhood Association also leads many exciting activities for those who are a part of the community. Learn more about Buena Vista housing.

4. East San Jose
Median Home Price: $379,193

East San Jose also has a large quantity of amenities and is in a nice part of town that has something special for everyone. Not surprisingly, it sits to the east side of the city and is close to the Guadalupe River. If you have children, there are over 30 different schools to choose from, as well as five different parks, making it a great spot for walking and enjoying the weather. The median household income is $67,723 and the unemployment rate in the area is 8.2%. East San Jose is a growing area with plenty of opportunity no matter your walk of life. A house in East San Jose averages at around $379,193. The East San Jose Carnegie Branch Library is one of the most celebrated libraries in the state and can be found in the East San Jose neighborhood. You can lose hours exploring the vast collections of books while feeling like a member of a great community. For the shopper, Eastridge Mall is the place to check out. Learn more about East San Jose housing.

5. Edenvale-Seven Trees
Median Home Price: $393,317

The last neighborhood on the list is Edenvale-Seven Trees, a spot sitting just southeast of downtown San Jose. It is another excellent choice for finding affordable housing in San Jose. If being outside is important Edenvale-Seven Trees is for you. There are over eleven different parks, including local outdoor favorites such as Hellyer Lake Park, Edenvale Garden Park and Coyote Creek Park. You can be sure that temperatures will be consistent and moderate. It is one of the most comfortable places to call home in San Jose. The average price for a home in Edenvale-Seven Trees is $393,317. Learn more about Edenvale-Seven Trees housing.

See even more information about the best San Jose, CA neighborhoods as well as a neighborhood map.

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