Affordable Housing In Boston, MA

The cost of city housing is one of the things that makes the biggest difference in where people choose to live. When you do find that ideal place to live, you want to make sure that you know where the most affordable neighborhoods are located. Even in some of the most expensive cities, you will find many affordable neighborhoods to suit your price range. With a vast range of Boston neighborhoods to choose from, you will want to choose carefully to find the ones that offer the most affordable housing options.

Many of the homes in Boston average $550,000 or more, especially in the neighborhoods that are in the highest demand. However, the good thing to keep in mind is that the city has several affordable neighborhoods that are affordable for different income ranges. These neighborhoods that we have reviewed have lower housing costs than many other areas of the city. They also boast several features that give residents the type of lifestyle that they are seeking, without having to blow the budget. Even though there are several factors to keep in mind, we think these neighborhoods will give you something quite cool to look forward to as you are doing your search.

1. Mattapan
Median Home Price: $284,833

With a median housing value of $284,833 and median household income of $47,853, this neighborhood is quite affordable. Mattapan boasts a diverse population that includes Haitian and Caribbean immigrants, which contribute to a cultural scene that stays active all year. The Boston Public Library has begun construction on a library branch to serve the community. It is near the Community Center, helping to ensure that neighborhood residents have ready access to all kinds of fun things to do. As a neighborhood with deep roots in a time when the city saw a lot of immigration, there are many single-family homes dating back to the turn of the century that will give you room to grow. You'll also enjoy how easy it is to walk to many nearby attractions from the residential streets. Condo fans will enjoy the many options available in renovated older homes that include nice touch like exposed brick that you won't find in a lot of newer construction. Learn more about Mattapan housing.

2. East Boston
Median Home Price: $299,868

Also known as "Eastie," median housing prices of $299,868 make this well-established neighborhood a popular option to consider for affordable housing Boston. Because of the neighborhood's proximity to the shipyards and the airport, it has been a thriving neighborhood for decades that, today, has one of the highest concentrations of ethnic restaurants within easy walking distance. There is an exciting mixture of newer construction, largely in the form of condos, and older homes, especially the triple-deckers that became popular in the early and middle 20th century. Besides being one of the city's most accessible neighborhoods, East Boston also boasts some impressive waterfront and city skyline views. Many owners who own the older homes have converted them into condos that provide a decent amount of living space. These older homes that have become condos boast balconies that are perfect for enjoying the harbor view either day or night. Learn more about East Boston housing.

3. North Dorchester
Median Home Price: $320,850

North Dorchester is a neighborhood within a neighborhood that provides ready access to much of the good things that Boston offers. One of the good things about this neighborhood is its location near the main business district, a great choice for those who want a home close to where they work. Many of the housing options include fully modern condos inside older homes that have undergone a lot of careful restoration and now offer many of the same features once found only in condo buildings of newer construction. The median home price of $320,850 is quite attractive for many who choose this area, and those who live here have found that they will have a great lifestyle among many of the neighborhood's most popular historic sites, such as the mills along the Neponset River. You'll enjoy the slice of history that comes with living in an older neighborhood like this one. Learn more about North Dorchester housing.

4. Roxbury
Median Home Price: $322,085

Roxbury, a neighborhood that started out as a farming community, has grown to become one of the best places for affordable housing in Boston in recent times. Recent efforts to give the neighborhood somewhat of a revival have resulted in a vibrant, affordable neighborhood with a $322,085 median home price. There is a rich cultural tradition in this neighborhood, and the city has offered many incentives to bring businesses into the neighborhood. Brick duplex and row-style houses are among the popular options that have received facelifts, and buyers will also enjoy restored double and triple-decker homes. This neighborhood provides the best of both worlds in the form of quiet residential areas and easy access to good job opportunities. Learn more about Roxbury housing.

5. South Dorchester
Median Home Price: $330,774

With a median home value that is an affordable $330,774, this Boston neighborhood is one that continues to dominate the real estate scene. It has a livability score of 72 that is certain to please many home buyers, regardless of what sort of property they are looking out for the very most. There are many desirable amenities that suit home buyers, regardless of whether they are buying for the first time or well-experienced in the market. Many of the homes are single-family and reflect the housing styles that have been popular throughout the decades. Double and triple-decker homes, as well as bungalows built in the early 20th century, are some of the popular home styles you'll enjoy. All of these homes feature unique characteristics that make them quite worthy of your time. Learn more about South Dorchester housing.

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