These Are The 10 Snobbiest Small Towns in America

We all know some real snobs. They're usually the people who live in big, expensive homes. They go to art gallery openings and have big fancy college degrees hanging up in their living rooms.

When it comes to America's small towns, you might not think they're exactly filled with snobs. While across the board, most small town folks are as humble as pie, the fact remains there are some pretty snooty little places in America.

And as luck would have it, we've identified the 10 small towns that are the downright snobbiest of them all:

  1. Chevy Chase, MD
  2. Somerset, MD
  3. Martin's Additions, MD
  4. North Crows Nest, IN
  5. Hunting Valley, OH
  6. Scarsdale, NY
  7. Atherton, CA
  8. Piney Point Village, TX
  9. Hunters Creek Village, TX
  10. Hewlett Bay Park, NY

Wow, it looks like most of these are in the northeast, or in Texas. Does that surprise you?

Now we're not so full of ourselves as to just come up with this list out of thin air. We analyzed every single small town in America.

And, to be clear, we're not saying there's anything wrong with these cities. If we had their wealth and lifestyle, we'd probably be a little snobby, too.

How we determined the snobbiest small towns in America

You think we'd just come up with this list without doing our homework? Not a chance.

First, we gathered up a list of every city, village and hamlet in America with less than 25,000 people. This left us with more than 20,000 places to measure. Then, we looked at each place in terms of these snobberrific criteria using AreaVibes and Yelp data:

  • Median home price
  • Median household income
  • Percent of population with a college degree
  • Private schools per capita
  • Theaters per capita
  • Art galleries per capita

We then averaged each place's ranking into one overall score, where the lowest score went to the snobbiest small town in America. So let's all celebrate Chevy Chase, Maryland. They probably already expected to win anyways.

Now before you get upset, let's remember that this is all in good fun. Would we live in one of these 10 places if we had the chance? Of course we would!

Let's put on our monocles and take a look at what make these places so snobby.

1. Chevy Chase, MD

Population: 9,344
Median household income: $157,802
Median home price: $863,500
College degrees: 82%

You won't find a wealthier group of people in the entire nation than the folks who live in Chevy Chase, Maryland. It's pretty well known that Chevy Chase is a hotbed of wealth and influence.

Not only that, but lots of the homes in Chevy Chase are the most expensive in the U.S. Like many other cities on this list, you'd have to shell out more than a million bucks to get something 'decent' in Chevy Chase. It helps when 82% of the population has a college degree.

2. Somerset, MD

Population: 1,314
Median household income: $251,000
Median home price: $1,150,000
College degrees: 91%

Just a short ride in the Bentley from Chevy Chase is the tiny little town of Somerset. You might say this neck of the woods on the northern fringes of Washington, D.C. is snob central.

Households in Somerset 'only' average $251,000 a year in combined incomes. That's 'only' the 22nd highest of any small town we measured.

3. Martin's Additions, MD

Population: 895
Median household income: $209,583
Median home price: $968,000
College degrees: 91%

We still have one more stop in Maryland on our snob tour. We present Martin's Additions, a teeny little Village that's even more highbrow that upper Barnaby Woods and Hawthorne. (That's an inside joke between people who live in this general area.)

Like the small towns above, the few who inhabit Martin's Additions are very smart, very wealthy and very connected.

Since all of these places are so close to one another, they each scored evenly in the snob amenity department. There are dozens of private schools, and because these cities are so close to D.C., the number of art galleries and theaters is enough to keep even the snob king himself plenty occupied.

4. North Crows Nest, IN

Population: 43
Median household income: $143,750
Median home price: $995,000
College degrees: 88%

You probably haven't even heard of this place, even if you live in downtown Indianapolis, just 9 miles away. But this very exclusive, very private place is actually a town in Marion County. Don't believe us? Google it.

Places like Zionsville, Carmel and Fishers are far, far behind the wealth and exclusivity that comes with living in North Crows Nest. When you earn the 8th highest incomes out of more than 28,000 other cities, you can consider yourself pretty much at the top of the mountain.

5. Hunting Valley, OH

Population: 690
Median household income: $257,000
Median home price: $1,005,000
College degrees: 81%

Who'd have thought that a small village just outside of Cleveland of all places would be such high and mighty in the bank column? These guys have some deep pockets.

You'd have to drive into the outskirts of Cleveland to get your art or theater fix, but there are about six private schools listed near Hunting Valley, and probably plenty more private tutors in the area, too.

6. Scarsdale, NY

Population: 17,233
Median household income: $232,422
Median home price: $1,284,200
College degrees: 85%

Scarsdale has the most expensive homes of all cities we measured up to this point, but you haven't seen anything yet. This small town and village in the northern suburbs of New York City is where the wealthiest and most powerful bankers and lawyers live.

Does that make them snobs? To be honest, they're most likely too busy to even worry about being pretentious, and probably don't have much time to enjoy the arts. But you can bet most of their kids are private schooled, judging by the number of such institutions in the area.

7. Atherton, CA

Population: 6,972
Median household income: $228,393
Median home price: $4,714,500
College degrees: 84%

Finally, we see a snobby city east of the Mississippi, and yes, that's correct on the average home prices in Atherton. In fact, Atherton sits in the second most expensive zip code in America, right behind Alpine, CA.

It's California. Homes are a lot more expensive. Atherton sits a short drive away from the headquarters of some of the world's most successful technology companies, but only the founders of such companies can actually afford to live here.

In terms of amenities, Atherton ranks 7th in the U.S. for number of private schools nearby, and considering that it's in the Bay Area, there are unlimited cultural amenities for the folks here to jump into their electric cars and attend.

8. Piney Point Village, TX

Population: 3,158
Median household income: $233,636
Median home price: $1,205,800
College degrees: 80%

This little village just outside of Houston is home to the wealthiest people in the south. Not only are most a lot smarter than you and I, their homes are much, much larger.

There are about 20 art galleries and 10 private schools within a 10 minute drive of Piney Point Village. So yes, they 'dabble' in the arts a bit.

9. Hunters Creek Village, TX

Population: 4,413
Median household income: $231,250
Median home price: $1,383,500
College degrees: 85%

Is there a bit of a snobby battle going on in West Houston? These two cities are just about identical. While the successful businessmen and businesswomen in Piney Point Village earn a tad bit more each year, the people in Hunters Creek Village have much, much more expensive homes.

10. Hewlett Bay Park, NY

Population: 420
Median household income: $224,375
Median home price: $1,150,000
College degrees: 77%

We round out our tour of the snobbiest small towns of America with Hewlett Bay Park, a very small, very private (and very snobby) village on Long Island.

When your home price drops $75,000 in a year, you know you're living in la-la land. But we're pretty sure the folks in Hewlett Bay Park can take a hit that size. That's probably just chump change; or a write off!

Summing Up The Humble Pie

Sure, we might have poked a little harmless fun at these 10 snobby small towns in America, but hey, it's only because we're jealous.

High incomes, expensive homes, and excellent educations? That sounds pretty charming to us. Who wouldn't want that?!

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