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If you are from out of state, you will probably never adjust to the UV

This whole area of New Hampshire is known as the Upper Valley and it's full of a variety of types. You have students who go to college in Hanover, people who are wealthy who go live in Hanover/Lyme, and the people who work in the few industries booming here. (Medical). Otherwise, Lebanon proper is the land time forgot. It feels like you are living in 1974 as people in Lebanon are mainly lower income, White, and have terrible addictions to drugs, smoking, and drinking. Crime is on the rise here. You will see menacing men in camo walking around near the town hall (where you can pick up the free bus). People walk around stoned and the police are very present all over the town. My husband just mentioned it is getting scuzzier by the day with strange people wandering around. Good jobs are either hidden or get handed out in the old boys' network. If you aren't from here and have any sort of accent be prepared for hillbillies who can't string 4 words together to look at you like you have 3 heads and you "must be one of them there aliens". Some people are friendly but it will rarely go beyond hi how are you and maybe a chat about the weather or politics. Even people I know who belong to churches and clubs don't get invited to socialize with locals if they are from out of state. People from bigger areas get out ASAP unless they work at Dartmouth College or Dartmouth Hospital. Prices are kept artificially inflated in the Upper Valley. Rents are high for a place where you get congratulated when you get a job at Walmart. There is definitely a hillbilly and hick vibe here. The local paper is very lefty (some of their columnists openly want you to feel sorry for drug addicts, hate the police, and praise all things Democrat).Weather is terrible 5-7 months out of the year (winter) and now we have been having rough, hot, humid summers. They are good at removing the snow but if you have a bad winter, the town gives up and there is always ice and you are guaranteed to slip up a few times a snow season. The main issue is that all the things that would make life okay here (a gym, going to cultural events) are out of reach financially for the average person. There are no public gyms like Planet Fitness.
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