Map of New Hampshire cities


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New Hampshire: Mountains, beaches and more

New Hampshire is one state where you can encounter many different things depending upon which part of the map you are looking at. In the top part of New Hampshire, there are the White Mountains and all of the things that go along with mountain life. Meanwhile, New Hampshire also has some shore line with the Atlantic Ocean, offering beach goers a chance to enjoy the sun. In general, the best hotels and such are found in these areas, with skiers coming to the north and beach lovers heading south. Additionally, some of the areas bordering the state of Maine are popular, with lots of great restaurants and bed and breakfast resorts there.

While the weather in New Hampshire can be rather harsh during the winter months, it can also be quite pleasant during the summer. Folks enjoy New Hampshire for vacation, similar to how they flock to Maine. One reason that it is nice to relocate to New Hampshire is that they do not charge sales tax, so the cost of living is significant reduced. There are also some really nice housing opportunities available to those people who are looking for real estate.

If you are thinking about New Hampshire and its varied opportunities for a vacation or maybe even a move, then you owe it to yourself to get all of the information that you can. This can be done by looking at our local business reviews, checking out the photos that we provide, and reading up on the question and answer pages.