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Lakeview, Oregon, Established 1873, Not Much Has Changed Since

The opportunity to write a review about Lakeview, Oregon couldn't be resisted. This review is from the perspective of a well traveled individual who is an idealist, but when it is time to be a realist is equally fair. As stated in the title, Lakeview, Oregon was officially recognized when the Post Office was established some time in 1873. Having a Post Office was one of the requirements of becoming recognized as a town or city, and established an official date entered in the federal register. The post office was located at Tenbrook Ranch, south of present day Lakeview. Wikipedia has an accurate accounting of historical data (,_Oregon).There are two major highways intersecting in Lakeview, Oregon. US highway 395 and Oregon highway 140 intersect at the north central area of the town. There are a few restaurants, a hardware store and a grocery store near the intersection. From the intersection the travel options are continue north or south on US Hwy 395, or west on OR Hwy 140. If one travels north on US Hwy 395 approximately 5 miles OR Hwy 140 separates from US Hwy 395 and travels east.As a traveler enters the town it takes micro-moments before one realizes the culture advancements. There are several tall cowboys on each major through fare, stood similar to a billboard toting a cowboy hat, belt buckle, cowboy boots, denim jeans, western shirt, bandanna, and fully equipped ammunition belt with pistol and holster. Make no mistake, this clearly indicates the mentality of most of the Lakeview population. The biggest event is the County Fair which boasts 114,031 attendees. That count is the result of prestidigitation and legerdemain and by no under estimate clearly represents the inner workings of the populace on multiple platforms.The cowboy representation is clearly from days long gone but also clearly marks the resistance to and stubbornness against change. There is a strong dichotomy of classes, those who seem to have a shallow and disproportionate perspective for the future of the town and its inhabitants in order to remain in control, and the few who have been solid community pillars suggesting community change for growth and stability. It is quite evident that a number of poorly executed investments largely influence and haunt the continuing community deficiencies.As one example regarding the mentality of area land owners and politicians, during July 4 - 8 of 2012 the hang glider Festival Of Free Flight was held in the area. The mesa referred to as Sugar Hill was one of the most notable hang gliding cliffs. Rumor has it when the festival was scheduled, land owners/investors built a small, fully equipped Recreational Vehicle park near the town center. That RV park was used ONCE and it was for that particular event. It has sat vacant ever since, going unused for any purpose, and which becomes a tax burden on the community much like any vacant business entity. If you know basic political economic structure you are able to understand how this works (or doesn't work, actually). That lot would be ideal for the Tiny House movement and offer affordable and reliable housing to people who work at several of the federal and state facilities located in or around the area.The housing industry in Lakeview, Oregon is the epitome of insufficient. There are many rentals available, but nowhere near the monthly rates being asked. The houses are old, built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Many lack foundations, or the foundations are crumbling beneath them. Many of the rental units are a conversion of garages or attics with insufficient insulation for the cold, high desert, winter climate. Many houses are leaky or drafty. There are three types of heating available: oil/kerosene, electric. and wood burning stoves. Sometime around 2014 the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline project connected the Ruby Pipeline project from Opal, Wyoming to Malin, Oregon and eventually to Coos Bay, Oregon. During that project rumor has it the city was offered to have the pipeline upgraded to divert natural gas to the city perimeter. This was supposedly at no additional fee to the tax payers. Although natural gas is the cheapest and most reliable heating source, the city declined. In 2013 the Pacific Power Oregon Solar Incentive Program provided renewable energy to Lakeview. However, this was at an expense to the tax payers, and the solar project has not reduced rates nor improved electrical failures in the service area. One should take the time to review the benefactors of the solar project versus the pipeline project for a greater understanding.Lakeview, Oregon has previously been identified as a toxic city having been a former uranium-ore processing site with a facility located approximately 1.5 miles north- northwest of the town. The uranium milling process produced radioactive tailings beginning in the 1950's and lasting through the 1960's. In 1976 elevated radioactivity and contaminated-material burial sites were discovered. Remediation of the Lakeview Mill site began in 1986 and concluded in 1989. The groundwater will be monitored biennial until 2013 and afterwards every five years. Following my arrival to Lakeview, Oregon in 2016, unfamiliar with the history, jokingly I asked if there was something in the water that affected peopled. Recently that question was answered.Lakeview is situated in the Goose Lake Valley at the foot of the Warner Mountains and at the edge of Oregon's high desert country. Its economy is based on agriculture, lumber production, and government activities, although the lumber production is residually defunct. Regarding agriculture, that is a passive term for ranchers and rednecks. Please refer to the "Rickets" family of cowboys presented at each of the entrances of the "Tallest Town In Oregon". A small group of residents refer to the annoying cowboys as Rickets family members due to the bow-legged impairment often representative of cowboys.The Warner Creek Correctional Facility is situated north of Lakeview, Oregon. It is a minimum security facility which opened in September 2005. All inmates housed at WCCF are scheduled for release within four years. This facility is most notable for it's energy efficient design that utilizes geothermal energy to provide hot water and heat to the prison. Apparently the State wasn't buying into the local utilities monopoly and instead resorted to the use of mother nature to provide energy to the prison. The area is known for its active geothermal properties and boasts an assortment of hot springs across the region.Lakeview, Oregon hosts several federal agencies: USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and US Fish and Wildlife. The Fremont-Winema National Forest in managed by the USDA Forest Service. The Bureau of Land Management manages public lands, and the Fish and Wildlife manage public wildlife and fishery. Those federal agencies are the top employers in the county. The agencies also provide fire support to south central Oregon and the surrounding area.With little or no surprise, Lakeview and Lake county shot down growth opportunities effectively eliminating growth opportunity from its citizenry once again. Instead of making an investment for the community and tax payers like it had in many previous failed efforts, the cannabis industry had an opportunity to flourish. The councils and boards, being the "Christians" that they claim to be were not interested in being "the one" who brought "devil weed" every street corner of the town. They chose to put a ballot initiative in the election, unlike the arbitrary decisions previously that the same group refused to allow go to a vote. Hypocrites.Eventually The 42nd Group cannabis production facility in Lakeview finally began to move forward following much heated debate involving those who obviously had seen far too many "Refer Madness" type propaganda films. What is striking to me is how the McFarland Door Factory was included in the original plans then suddenly changed due to the partnership dissolution (of MDF?). Read the Lake County Examiner article "42nd Group plans move forward" ( you are a DIY person plan plenty of trips to Klamath Falls or Bend to visit the Home Depot for reasonably priced and accessible supplies. While there, plan on visiting the supermarkets for anything more than very basic, better than minimal quality consumables. If your tools and supplies, or dietary needs are minimal and primarily meat and potatoes or chips and soda look no further than the Lakeview local outlets. Otherwise plan on 4 to 6 hours of road time whenever substantial supplies are necessary.There are plenty of "Greasy Spoon" restaurants in Lakeview. For vegetarian delights, expect nothing more than frozen veg-all to be stuffed in a corn tortilla, microwaved and put on a plate. A three piece vegetable plate at one Diner will cost $13 excluding tip. That is about 6 ounces of frozen carrots, broccoli, beans, peas, or cauliflower, which ever was thawed earlier and placed in a steamer. Only in Lakeview is frozen vegetables considered "fresh" daily vegetables.There are plenty of "Best In Town" opportunities for several eats. There is the "Best In Town" for donuts, chinese, pizza and "broasted chicken". That is simply because those are the only establishments hosting a variety of top notch eats. There is a small establishment serving top-notch Friday night toasted chicken and beef located on the north-west side of town. That place truly has some delicious smoked meats. It is almost enough to make a vegan venture off to an occasional Paleolithic diet.For those who are outdoors types, catch fresh stream and pond fish for food, hunt for food, are minimalists or survivalists, Lakeveiw would probably be quite suitable. There are plenty of outdoor opportunities with state and federal parks to enjoy. The mountains are only a few minutes' drive, as is the high desert. This is an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy living among the creatures. When in the high desert one may likely encounter rattlesnakes, rabbits, coyotes, and other known desert animals. In the forest it is similar expect the encounters may include forest type animals including deer, elk, fishers, coyotes, mountain lions, wolves, and other forest type animals.For those who enjoy gazing at the night sky with or without visual supplements, this is also an excellent opportunity. Practically anywhere outside the city offers complete darkness except the light from heavenly bodies such as the moon, stars, planets, etc.This certainly is a place where one can connect with nature and the meta-physical realm on a deeply profound level.If you are a single person, Lakeview is certainly not recommended if you are interested in meeting a viable partner other than the types referenced above. The common joke is that divorce in Lakeview just means you lost your turn. But don't worry, its a small place. It won't take long before your turn comes up again.Night life in Lakeview, Oregon consists of very little. There are a few (and I mean very few) options. There is an astounding number of people who are daily consumers of alcohol. Many people in Lakeview are overweight to the point of being unhealthily obese. Although it is located in heart of the Warner Mountains, Fremont-Winema National Forest, and national wildlife refuges few take advantage of the health benefits.Lakeview seems to be a relatively safe place to raise a child up to the age of 12 or 13 when they need more exposure to reality outside a cowboy town. Some of the teenagers carry footballs and other instruments that they throw at the wildlife as it wanders through town grazing. The deer roam abundantly through the town and share neighborhoods with the California Quail (Callipepla californa)
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Source: The Lakeview, OR data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).