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Lake Havasu retirement Hoping to get some information from current residents of Lake Havasu. I'm from Arizona, lived in the valley most of my life. Growing up I loved going to Havasu, the lake, the people, the culture, had a blast. My career brought me to the east coast, looking to retire in about 3 years at age 55. Lot's of questions. How is the current economy, what about violent crime? As a homeowner, can you give me an estimate of monthly utility bill costs? Are you still seeing plenty of Winter visitors and tourists, may consider opening a small business? What kind of grocery stores are there now? It's my understanding a casino is going up, and a new park? My lady and I are looking hard at retiring there, trying to get as much accurate information as possible. Thank you. Joe Answer question
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Sir,keep looking. I have been here 2 years and the medical services are abhorrent. Have to go to Las Vegas or Phoenix. Many of the long-term residents here are leaving because the town is not what it used to be. The big majority of the residents are rude and arrogant and make sure everyone knows they are "special". Not a place to retire...
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