Total crime NAT. AVG.
Violent crime NAT. AVG.
Property crime NAT. AVG.
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Date & Last Updated: This data reflects the 2022 calendar year and was released from the FBI in September, 2023; this is the most current data available.
StatisticReportedincidents/100k peopleKensington/100k peopleCalifornia/100k peopleNational/100k people
Total crime110n/a (estimate)2,1882,8432,324
Violent crime2n/a (estimate)40500370
Vehicle theft16n/a318.2471.9282.7
Property crime108n/a (estimate)2,1482,3431,954

An Overview of Crime Rates in Kensington, CA

The Kensington crime rates are 5.9% lower than the national average. There are two main categories of crime - violent crime and property crime. Violent crime consists of murder, rape, robbery and assault, while property crimes include burglary, theft and vehicle theft. There were a total of 2 violent crimes in Kensington (40 per 100,000 people), which is 89.2% lower than the national average and there were a total of 108 property crimes (2148 per 100,000 residents) which is 9.9% higher than average.

The Kensington crime rate is about average when compared to all the other cities across the U.S. per 100,000 residents. When we compared the total crimes (violent and property) in Kensington, we found that the reported crime rates were almost equal to the average of all other areas that reported crime.

Kensington has one of the lowest violent crime rates of all cities in the United States. With a rate of 40 violent crimes per 100,000 people, Kensington ranks among the safest cities in the United States making it an attractive choice for those seeking a new place to call home.

In the most recently reported crime year, Kensington registered zero reported homicides. This statistic not only designates the area as an exemplar of security but also emanates a profound sense of safety within its community. A minimal incidence of severe violent crime not only fosters a strong sense of well-being among residents but also sets a commendable standard for other regions aiming to cultivate similarly safe surroundings.

The property crime rate per 100,000 people in Kensington is very similar to the national average. Kensington had a property crime rate of 2148, while the national average was 1954. Based on these numbers, you could expect an average amount of property crime in this area.

What Do the Locals Say About Crime in Kensington?

AreaVibes has conducted polls asking local residents if they feel safe living in Kensington. Based on the results of the surveys (24 responses), 79% of people felt that there was very little crime in Kensington and felt safe walking alone at night. While 21% of people felt that it was not a safe place to live and did not feel safe walking alone at night.

Is Kensington a Safe Place to Live?

To get a feel for the safety of living in Kensington, it's essential to analyze both the overall crime rate and the daily incident count. Kensington presents a total crime rate that is 6% lower than the national average per 100,000 residents. Consequently, Kensington experiences an average of 0.3 daily crimes, comprising 0.01 violent incidents and 0.3 property-related offenses. This evaluation offers a comprehensive understanding of the safety landscape, aiding individuals in making informed decisions when considering relocation.

Has Crime in Kensington Increased Since Last Year?

Examining year-over-year crime data provides insights into short-term trends with regards to the crime activity in Kensington. This analysis involves comparing crime rates from one year to the next, enabling the identification of patterns and fluctuations in crime. Such information proves invaluable to residents seeking to make well-informed decisions about their choice of residence. In the most recent year, compared to the previous one, total crime in Kensington has increased by 31%. Specifically, violent crime has decreased by 33.3%, while property crime has increased by 33.3%. This data empowers individuals with a clearer understanding of the evolving safety landscape in Kensington.

Potential Causes for Crime in Kensington

Kensington has a population density of 5365.8 people per square mile, contrasting with the national average of 90.6 people per square mile. High population density cities are often large urban hubs teeming with diverse economic opportunities. Within these environments, income disparities can become pronounced, leading to higher poverty levels. This economic divide may contribute to an uptick in property crimes and, occasionally, violent crimes. In contrast, areas characterized by low population density typically exhibit lower Kensington crime rates.

In Kensington, the ratio of police officers and civilians stands at 1.93 per 1,000 residents, contrasting with the national average of 3.25. This discrepancy highlights the potential impact of law enforcement and community policing on crime rates. The strength of their collaboration can serve as a deterrent to criminal behavior, fostering a safer environment. Effective law enforcement leans heavily on community policing strategies that prioritize the cultivation of trust and cooperation between police and residents. It's essential to recognize that the effectiveness of these efforts isn't solely tied to the quantity of officers but also hinges on the quality of their engagement with the community.

High rental costs can limit economic mobility, making it difficult for individuals to save money, invest in education, or access better job opportunities. This can perpetuate a cycle of poverty and increase the risk of involvement in criminal activities. In summary, high rental costs can create economic challenges, overcrowding, and neighborhood dynamics that may increase the likelihood of certain types of crime, particularly property crimes. In Kensington, the average rental rates are $2,849 per month, compared to the national average of $949.

Kensington crime map

The Kensington crime map provides a detailed overview of all crimes in Kensington as reported by the local law enforcement agencies. Based on the color coded legend above, the crime map outlines the areas with lower crime compared to the areas with higher crime. The Kensington crime heat map offers insight into the total crimes on a block group level. Please note that the red areas on the Kensington crime map does not always indicate that it is a dangerous area for its residents. Areas on the heat map could be inflated if they are located in high traffic areas like airports, sports centers or large parks. Other areas on the heat map could see increased crime rates if they are located in major tourist areas like the downtown core.
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      Crime Quick Facts

      • Kensington crime rates are 6% lower than the national average
      • Violent crimes in Kensington are 89% lower than the national average
      • In Kensington you have a 1 in 46 chance of becoming a victim of crime
      • Kensington is safer than 64% of the cities in the United States
      • Year over year crime in Kensington has increased by 32%

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        Daily Crime In Kensington (per 100,000 people)

        The graph above illustrates the number of daily crimes in Kensington, CA per 100,000 people. In Kensington, the total number of daily crimes is 1.30 times less than the California average and 1.06 times less than the national average. The number of daily violent crimes in Kensington is 12.56 times less than the California average and 9.30 times less than the national average. With regards to property crimes, Kensington has a daily crime rate that is 1.09 times less than the California average and 1.10 times more than the national average.

        How Safe is Kensington (higher is better)

        Compared to the other cities in California and all other cities across the US, is Kensington safe? From the gauges displayed above, you will notice that Kensington is safer than 88% of other cities in the state of California. In addition, Kensington is safer than 64% of cities in the entire United States. To achieve these results, all California and United States cities were analyzed to determine how many locations had a lower crime rate than Kensington. By studying this data, it was possible to determine that Kensington is above average in safety when compared with other United States cities.

        Chance of Being A Victim of Crime in Kensington

        The chance of being a victim of violent crime in Kensington is 1 in 2515
        The chance of being a victim of property crime in Kensington is 1 in 47
        The chance of being a victim of crime in Kensington is 1 in 46
        Interested in knowing the odds that you will be a crime victim in Kensington? In Kensington, you have a 1 in 2515 chance of falling victim to a violent crime, such as rape, robbery, assault, or even murder. In terms of property crime, your chances of being a victim are 1 in 47. These crimes include theft, vehicle theft, and burglary. Your overall chance of being a victim of crime in Kensington, CA is 1 in 46.

        Year Over Year Crime In Kensington (per 100,000 people)

        Determining whether Kensington is becoming less or more safe for its residents (per 100,000) is most easily done by comparing year-over-year crime rates. Kensington violent crime rates have decreased by 32%. At the same time, property crime has increased by 35% year over year. Total crimes for Kensington has increased by 32% in the same time frame.

        Kensington police department

        Item Kensington California National
        Law enforcement employees (officers & civilians)1051,506558,732
        Police officers & civilians /1000 residents1.93.63.3
        There are a total of 10 Kensington police officers. This results in 1.9 police officers per 1,000 residents which is 46.6% less than the California average and 40.7% less than the National average.

        Sex offenders in California

        State Total offenders California /100K National /100K
        There are a total of 79,891 sex offenders in California. This yields a total of 232 sex offenders in California per 100,000 residents which is 13% less than the national average.

        Nearby Cities With Low Crime Rates

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        Cities with similar population

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        Kensington, CA5,171402,1482,188
        Source: The Kensington, CA crime data displayed above is derived from the FBI's uniform crime reports for the year of 2022. The crime report encompasses more than 18,000 city and state law enforcement agencies reporting data on property and violent crimes. The uniform crime reports program represents approximately 309 million American residents, which results in 98% coverage of metropolitan statistical areas.