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The Sheriff's department is Horrendous

I am a home owner in Kachina Village. If you need assistance in Kachina Village it is the Sheriff's department that you will be dealing with. I have had many issues with the Coconino Country Sheriff's department. Granted, the need for the sheriff comes, primarily, from a drug addicted Nephew with all of the difficult addict behaviors. I had to have this 26 year old boy removed from my home via protective order. There has been so much trouble with this young man that the Sheriff would not even come to my home on June 10, 2018 after this boy broke into my home, ate, took a shower, gathered his mail from inside the home as well as the last bit of his laundry that was there and then took my laptop. It took 2 hours to get a return call and not one deputy would arrive to do any sort of investigation. I have called for help with this boy's outrageous behavior to be yelled at in the middle of the street by a deputy because it took 46 minutes for help to arrive. In the meantime, this boy was between standing in front of my vehicle to climbing on top of my vehicle to keep me from leaving. Right out in the middle of the road for all of my neighbors to see. Yes, I am the problem for needing help with this. I have reported to the Sheriff's department a car that was registered, financed, insured and paid for by myself as missing without my permission. On this occasion, the deputy told my Nephew to take the car since he had to be to his job in an hour..... This deputy admitted this to me personally via telephone. Another occasion, My Nephew loaded the trunk of this car with a floor jack, a $100 socket and wrench set, and a large husky bag of hand tools. Upon discovery of this, given his history of stealing my things to pawn for drugs, I called the Sheriff. On this occasion, the Sargent that arrived announced that he didn't see the problem. My tools were in MY car. Great, now we have established that this is my car. After all, the car is registered to me ONLY. On a later occasion, I took this car and parked it out of my Nephew's reach. For whatever drug induced mentality has made my Nephew think that he is entitled to my car while I pay for it, my Nephew called the sheriff to report that I had taken HIS car. 2 young male deputies came to my home and told my nephew where the car was and then addressed me for trying to stop my nephew from taking MY car. Yet another occasion: I called the sheriff because my Nephew busted the window frame out of my vintage travel trailer to gain access. I was told that since he was allowed to use a bedroom in the home, the travel trailer was community property.... REALLY. You try your best to drag a boy out of this horrible affliction and he has the legal right to cost you whatever he wants? Outrageous. Given the sheriff's office refuses to give official complaint forms in their office and the only online link for complaints is a broken link. There is no information given to address these issues. No responses to hand written complaints. No returned phone calls.... Lets see how much money can be removed from the pool that pays these people that are NOT serving the law abiding citizens who happen to be tax payers.....Welcome to Coconino County. I'm assembling, voicemails, recordings, videos, and dates of the negligence of the Coconino County Sheriff's office for an attorney.
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Source: The Kachina Village, AZ data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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