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The Best Place To Live - Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls, Idaho has some of the best scenic views you will ever see along with the most polite people to ever live around. I happen to be a resident of Idaho Falls and have experienced the beauty for myself over the years. I have lived in Idaho Falls, Idaho for more than 15 years. I moved from Memphis, TN to get away from the high crime and lifeless city. I then located to Idaho Falls. This city has been named as one of "the best places to live." I agree with the others on being my favorite place to live because there is so much fun available like checking out the Tautfaus Park Zoo. African Penguins are running about along with South American Birds, and there is plenty of food to eat in the Zoo's Kookaburro Kafe as well. The Funland Amusement park has always excited me because it brings me back to being a child. I take my son there on occasions to ride those amazing rides. Whitewater rafting is exhilarating and is a sport I have accomplished also. There are specialized guides that help you down the Snake River near an area called Swan Valley. The sites are unbelievable and help take all your stress away. I like to eat so I am very familiar with the best local restaurants. Snake Bite is one of those eating places, Papa Tom's Pizza, and my favorite which is the Olive Garden. It's the bread sticks and salad that gets me. Golfing is a sport to consider, and there are at least four golf courses to choose from that I go to. Most locals enjoy hanging out around something called the Greenbelt. It is like a special walkway around the Snake River. It will take you through bridges and exquisite pictures of water and greenery. I know there are people out there who like to party, and some of my spots are the Bliss nightclub along with the R&R bar. That is why I live in Idaho Falls now. Idaho falls has an Information Center found on 505 Lindsay Boulevard with particular upcoming events including Forest service maps and the best camping destination spots. There are regulations on hunting and fishing so I always make sure I stay on top of that. I hope you see this wonderful city called Idaho Falls in Idaho one day and experience the beauty as I have been able to.
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