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Hoboken, NJ - Just Live It!

Hoboken NJ, a beautiful city on the Hudson river has its own charm. It is a city where youngsters like to be for the sake of enjoying the nightlife. For families this is a perfect place to raise kids. There are great schools around and one can see the ratings on the internet before deciding on the school. If you are in the city for at least a month, you know how popular the local pubs are among travelers. You will get used to the noise that run late into midnight and the long lines at the bars during holidays. There are plenty of things to do, especially sight-seeing near the river. When it comes to affordability, this is not a place if you are looking to save some money with accommodation. Real estate market is crazy in this city but not as worse as New York or Manhattan and apartments are expensive even for a studio room. I have been living in this place for the past four years and have seen rent increase at least once a year. Currently, I pay double the amount of what it used to be when I started. Besides the great restaurants, cuisines and shopping malls, there is something else that people consider this city as favorable - easy commute to Manhattan and New York City and a wide range of transportation to make that happen. You will not see the rush hour traffic and residents benefit from the abundance of fresh air - one of the advantages to moving to this place rather than other big cities. The city also features unexplored monuments and trails that people enjoy to spend their weekends on, especially singles like me. Overall, I highly recommend Hoboken.
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