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63South Carolina

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PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Five Forks, SC8210.116,929
Northlake, SC8125.54,086
Clemson, SC8126.515,008
Flat Rock, NC8028.83,254
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Mauldin, SC807.124,723
Wade Hampton, SC794.120,673
Due West, SC7935.71,360
Greer, SC7810.827,739

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Horrible city with asthetic makeover

I must say. This city is the biggest, in the small state of SC. It has had an upgrade or makeover to fool you, asthetically. Just like the fake majority of people that occupy it. It is the center of the Bible regards to the cult of Southern Baptist religion. Bob Jones University for starters. Bob Jones the 3 was caught quoting in the past few years. "Gays should be stoned to death." The state ranks in lowest in education for starters. Amongst other horror statics it excels in the lowest. However, highest in double the nation to women dying to men. The small town mindset of people is a horror movie like, Deliverance. They stare and gossip with an old school slave mentality. They are big believers in their, ignorance and generational abuses passed down. The area people raved about was as if it were...Naperville, IL or Beverly Hills. The Augusta Road area...Which, is extremly disturbing. The schools like Furman. Graduates act like they attended an Ivy Leage.It's cheap to live there.Exactly, what your getting in qulaity of life. The racism, relgion, republican majority based, delusional thinking, extremly not cultured, or intelligent minded. Will make you feel in slaved to the day's of the witch trails, slave days, or delusional ego's as Hitler's. They have companies that chose the city. Due to cheap and avilable land. Also, convient in transporting and low overture cost. The only thing that kepy my sanity for the 4 months. Was the city of Asheville, NC. My friends and family kept assiting to visit me. However, I did not want them exposed to the majority of people living in it. My sister, brother and best friends made a suprise visit. It took them an hour by walking in the downtown to see the horror show. Everything that is wrong with our current state of America is made of this population. There are a few people I mean't that had to move back due to family, etc...That shared my common insight and had to deal with it for way longer. Also, other's new to the city as myself. We all had the same ultimate fix for it. To make the best of it by going to Atlanta, Asheville, and Nashville on the weekends. Kept us sane and then moved asap. Never, will I go back or recommend this city to anyone. Not even my worst enemy. For those friends I made that had to come back. They have the same plan and to find a resolution for taking care of family members. By moving them as well.
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planning to move I'm a single black female with 2 kids. To me Greenville seems real big do u think I can make it on my own there cause the cost of living does seem high but I have been reading some nice reviews
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What to move to greenville county sc I would like to move to greenville co but don't know which city will be best fit for greenville city, simpsonville city or Greer city I'm a city person from NJ any advise?
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Source: The Greenville, SC data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).