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Best Places To Live In Greensboro, NC

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Greensboro, NC: Enjoy An Active Lifestyle

Greensboro is the third largest city in North Carolina, with over 250,000 residents. As part of the Piedmont Triad Metropolitan Area, it is intersected by 3 major interstate highways, I-85, I-40, and I-73. This offers a great convenience for industry as well as to residents. The economy in Greensboro is thriving due to the textile, tobacco, and furniture industries, making this city one of the best places to live. New businesses are continually being added to the city, including nanotech, transportation, and aviation, offering many opportunities for employment. An active city, Greensboro offers the beauty of the outdoors, complementing an active lifestyle, as it is situated between the relaxing beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and on the other side, the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains.

The Greensboro Transit Authority provides bus routes throughout the city. Besides single ride passes, an option of 11-ride passes and 31-day passes offer riders an economical option for transportation. Greensboro is also a very walkable city, with sidewalks and paths throughout the area.

Greensboro offers residents a look at history through museums, as well as an array of culture and art. The Guilford Courthouse National Military Park has paved walking paths through a beautiful park setting, over the site of one of the historic battles during the Revolutionary War. Learn more about the history and battle at the on-site visitor's center. The International Civil Rights Center and Museum offer exhibit tours as well as community events. The Greensboro Cultural Center is dedicated to the arts, hosting art galleries, dance, and musical performances for the community through the year.

Greensboro enjoys a subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Summers tend to be warm and humid with average temperatures above 78 degrees. The winter brings cooler weather with small amounts of snow and average daily temperatures around 39 degrees in January.

Greensboro offers rental and home purchase rates that are average for North Carolina, but less than the average for the United States. General cost of living in Greensboro is lower than the average cost in the United States, making Greensboro one of the best places to live, factoring in the amenities vs. cost.

With a number of vibrant and comfortable neighborhoods in Greensboro, it may be challenging to decide which is the best places to live in Greensboro. We can help! Bring us your needs and interests, search radius, and budget, and we will help you find the best places to live in Greensboro.