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Great Quality of Life in Gilbert AZ

I have lived in the city of Gilbert, AZ for over ten years and have enjoyed the excellent quality of life that the city offers. With affordable housing, a safe environment and lots of amenities such as shopping and restaurants, living in this city has been a great experience. In the city of Gilbert the main attractions are the parks, restaurants and places to shop. This particular city offers residents to live in a place that has a nice safe community so you can enjoy a variety of activities peacefully on a regular basis. In terms of restaurants, Gilbert offers a wide variety that allows you to choose between a number of options which will allow you to have a fine dining experience. The nightlife of Gilbert is not as abundant as major cities, but for a small city of its kind it offers some restaurants and nightclubs you can go to in order to enjoy yourself late at night. In Gilbert, there are plenty of places to shop so if you are looking to purchase a variety of items, there are countless places you can go to in order to have the best shopping experience. In my years living in Gilbert there are a number of things that I like about the city very much. These include the restaurants, parks, peaceful neighborhoods, and the quality housing. Living in Gilbert has been a great experience and allows me to have a very comfortable lifestyle. Like any other place, there are some things that I'm not the most fond of. One of the things I don't like is the fact that many places close by 10PM so there isn't much to do late at night. Although the housing and neighborhoods are very peaceful, you can be living far away from important places such as shops and restaurants and therefore you can be at an inconvenience. Therefore, you need to be careful where you choose to live in the city. Anyone who is looking to live in Gilbert will want to keep in mind that there are plenty of amenities, affordable housing and also an environment that is very peaceful and pleasant. You will want to look into renting a house or an apartment so that you can enjoy the many benefits of living in the city.
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Gilbert--super safe and great food

I've lived in Gilbert for 6 years and I have to say it's amazingly safe and has some great local restaurants. I work in the heritage district near about 5 of the best restaurants in the city (or town, as they actually call it). The people here are very friendly and welcoming. There's excellent customer service at retail establishments and restaurants. I've been excited to see how Gilbert is being transformed into a hub for great food and entertainment over the last few years. It was pretty sleepy here about 6 years ago. The weather is fantastic year-round if you can escape the 110+ degree days into an air conditioned space. The vast majority of Gilbert is new since it's more than doubled in size over the last 10-12 years. The newness makes it very clean and liveable. There are always street sweepers out and the areas are well manicured. If I had to pick a CON for Gilbert, it's probably that it doesn't have much of a night life. Most people tend to go to happy hour at one of the restaurants and there are a few wine bars, but not a lot of places to catch some live music or go dancing. There are a lot of places in Scottsdale and Phoenix, so it's not really that far to drive, but it would be nice if Gilbert had a few more options. I guess that's what you give up by having such a quiet and safe city. When I was a single woman, I enjoyed the feeling of safety by living in Gilbert, but there aren't a lot of ways to meet other singles. From my perspective, I definitely recommend Gilbert for couples, families and retirees, but not necessarily for younger single people unless you're going to move into the area near the heritage district. People do tend to keep to themselves here, at least in my neighborhood. We all drive into our garages, put down the door and stay inside. It's funny because you'll meet a neighbor at a restaurant and hang out there, but never see them in your neighborhood. Just to give you a bit of background so you can understand my review a bit more, I've lived in Scottsdale and Tempe, AZ, Lubbock, TX and Savannah, GA, so those locations are my comparison to Gilbert. I'm in my late 30s and have been married for four years.
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Gilbert is ghetto-don't be fooled

I've lived in the same neighborhood near Val Vista and Guadalupe for almost ten years now. I thought this was a great place to live. Neighbors on both sides of me are retired, there is a Gilbert Police Officer that lives a few doors down and there are more than a few stay-at-home moms. Our little area is almost a mile from Val Vista or Guadalupe and it's kind of secluded. It's kind of like an enclave, there isn't much traffic and life is pretty quiet. Or so I thought. I've never given a second thought to locking my door when I walk the dog or locking my car. That is until Thursday when my camera bag with over $1200 worth of camera equipment was stolen. In broad daylight. Someone walking or driving through the neighborhood like nothing. Trying to open door to see if they're unlocked. And talking whatever they can find. My windows have a pretty dark tint. Someone would have to open my camera bag since it looks like a backpack. I felt devastated and decided to call the Gilbert Police to file a report. I thought that there was maybe something they could do. I am not working right now and really cannot afford to replace $1200 worth of camera equipment. It was a waste of time to call the police. Not only did the police officer check ME for warrants, he could not explain how criminals could be so bold to come so far into a neighborhood and just wander around. I knew why. BECAUSE THE GILBERT POLICE NEVER PATROL THESE AREAS. BECAUSE THEY NEVER PATROL AND THERE IS NO POLICE PRESENCE, CRIMINALS CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT. SOME OTHER NEIGHBORS HAD BICYCLES STOLEN AS WELL AS AS SOME OTHER CARS THAT WERE BROKEN INTO. ACCORDING TO THE WORDS OF GILBERT POLICE CHIEF TIM DORN AND I QUOTE "Our patrols are allocated based on data and intelligence, and routinely patrol neighborhoods. Research indicates that directed patrols, coupled with high visibility enforcement, is far more effective than random patrols. Citizens often do not see our patrols, as they are occurring in the middle of the night and when you are not at home". THEY GILBERT POLICE DEPARTMENT MUST USE INVISIBLE POLICE CARS OR I MUST BE TOTALLY CRAZY AND NOT ABLE TO RECOGNIZE WHAT A POLICE CAR LOOKS LIKE. I HAVE NEVER, NEVER NEVER SEEN A POLICE CAR DRIVE THROUGH THE NEIGHBORHOOD IN THE TEN YEARS I'VE LIVED HERE. I USED TO SMOKE IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE AND I'VE BEEN HOME THE LAST THREE MONTHS AS WELL AS A GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME GOING FIVE YEARS BACK. NOPE NEVER SEEN POLICE PATROL OTHER THAN THE TIME THERE WAS A GILBERT POLICE CAR IN FRONT OF THE NEIGHBORS HOUSE WHO IS A POLICE OFFICER. OF COURSE IF SOMEONE STOLE A SIX PACK OF BEER FROM THE CIRCLE K, THEY WOULD PROBABLY SEND IN THE SWAT TIME. IT IS FRAUDULENT AND A LIE THAT THEY TELL YOU THAT CRIME IS LOW IN GILBERT. PHOENIX AND MESA HAVE SOME OF THE HIGHEST CRIME RATES IN THE COUNTRY OF COURSE IT SPILLS OVER INTO GILBERT. BUT HERE'S WHY GILBERT IS GHETTO AND RIP OFF. THEY CHARGE PROPERTY AND SALES TAXES, USE THE MONEY TO PAY FOR POLICE, BUILD FANCY LOOKING POLICE STATIONS AND CLAIM TO HAVE A LOW CRIME RATE. SURE NO-ON REPORTS IT BECAUSE WHY?? THE POLICE JUST DON'T CARE. DON'T BE FOOLED GILBERT IS JUST AS GHETTO AS ANY OF CITY IN AMERICA, EVEN WORSE THAN DETROIT.
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Gilbert, AZ - Great Attractions and Lots of Green

There are many attractions and things to do in Gilbert, but the one that comes to mind first is Freestone Skate Park. I am not an extreme skateboarder, but all forms of skating are allowed there. It is also free and the locals there were all very nice. The rest of Freestone Park is filled with picnic areas, playgrounds and a baseball batting cage. I love that the communities and neighborhoods in Gilbert seem to have lots of trees. It was really hot while I was there so i loved that where ever I went, shade was provided. There were more bike riders than joggers but everyone seemed very friendly and helpful. I visited a couple of restaurants in the city of Gilbert and found most of the food to be above average but, it didn't wow me. Joe's Real Barbecue had the best food but the restaurant itself was kind of run down. Euro Cafe' had good food and the waitresses were really nice. The nightlife in Gilbert has excellent music. All the clubs I went to had me dancing all night. The night clubs didn't have much of a variety when it came to the drinks. A bar called Static was where I had the best overall experience. The only shopping in Gilbert is the SanTan Village Mall. It doesn't have a movie theater but there are great stores, good overall shopping selection and a playground for the kids.
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