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Germantown, MD - Close to Many Amenities

I moved to Germantown Maryland several years ago where my husband and I bought a home and have been raising a family. Germantown is a fairly populated city right in the heart of Maryland. Our family loves the city because of its proximity to Washington DC, the many conveniences housed right within the city limits (grocery stores, shopping malls, great nightlife and amazing school systems). For starters, Germantown has great schools that we look forward to sending our kids to. Everything from elementary to high school and university level education is impeccable and we have heard nothing by great reviews. In addition to this, all of the school facilities are either walking or a short drive away from each other. Taken together, they are right in the center of the city as to make commute for the parents an easier matter. As for the conveniences, Germantown has it all. From the large shopping malls to an amazing array of restaurants, bars and grocery stores, you will never need to step out of Germantown unless you wanted to. My husband and I know of many bar restaurants that are family friendly and within a few minutes of driving distance. Here we can all eat a great dinner as a family and my husband and I can enjoy a couple drinks as well. I can get all of the shopping also done right in Germantown. There are whole foods stores, larger chain grocery stores as well as farmer's markets. I bring home everything from the best fruits and vegetables to farm grown chicken. For those who work outside of Germantown, the traffic does get to be pretty bad. However, the traffic time only lasts for about an hour, a very avoidable dilemma for someone really looking to get out of a long drive home.
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Source: The Germantown, MD data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).