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Best Places To Live In Maryland 2024

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Maryland: The Old Line State

More than 6 million people call the state of Maryland home. Sure, on one side you have close proximity to the nation's capital, but on the other side, you have miles and miles of rolling hills and beautiful country. Those who prefer a more urban setting will love the larger cities that offers plenty of everything. Regardless of your reason for moving, one thing is for certain - the Old Line State has plenty of room to spread out. There is beauty on every corner, and it is close to some amazing sights. If you’re thinking about living in Maryland, then one of these top places might be just the spot you are looking for.

Maryland is located on the east (Atlantic Ocean) coast of the United States. It is bordered by Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, D.C, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Maryland’s state capital is Annapolis, although, Baltimore is Maryland's most populous city with more than 620,000 people living there. The state of Marlyand continues to be an intriguing option for relocation as Marlyand borders Washington, D. C., so many residents can easily commute to the nation’s capital.

Maryland offers great diversity for those who love all that Mother Nature has to offer. On the eastern coast, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean is sure to please. On the southwestern side, it is the magnificent Allegheny Mountain Range that offers a whole other type of attraction. In fact, there are 60 mountain ranges in this state. Whether you prefer the sanctity of the mountains or the tranquility of the sea, then you will find what you need in Maryland.

Maryland has a plethora of things to offer from cultural diversity to the sophistication you would expect from larger city life. Living in the Baltimore area will give you art galleries, night clubs, ample shopping malls, and plenty of things to do. However, if you live over toward Preston County, West Virginia, in the Cumberland area, you will be surrounded by miles of wooded areas. This state has everything you could ever want. Some areas are more livable than others, with regards to the cost of living. For instance, in Baltimore, the cost of living is 16 percent lower than the medium price for the state. If you are looking for an extremely affordable place to live, Cumberland is ranked as one of the most affordable places to live in the state.

There are many great cities in this state to put down roots. It’s not always easy finding the best place to live in Maryland. We want to help you with our best picks of places to live in the state of Maryland. You can customize your search for the best places to live in Maryland based on population, radius, size, budget and metrics.