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PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Central Business District, Cincinnati8210.93,996
Oakley, Cincinnati8116.710,214
Hyde Park, Cincinnati8015.312,948
Mount Lookout, Cincinnati7915.65,949
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Columbia-Tusculum, Cincinnati7914.42,046
Clifton, Cincinnati7613.18,188
Mount Adams, Cincinnati7411.82,226
California, Cincinnati7413.4672

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Kings Mills, OH9033.61,470
Fort Thomas, KY9012.316,317
Forestville, OH8917.510,617
Mason, OH8931.232,025
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Beckett Ridge, OH8927.18,724
Madeira, OH8920.18,924
Loveland, OH8827.812,641
Amberley, OH88193,595
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Edge of the Rust Belt

Florence, Ky has a library of 6K plus books could you imagine a whole 6K books in one library wow huh? There is no art here whatsoever other than what a hillbilly's kid might bring home from school to hang on his redneck parent's refridgerator. The closest museum is the behringer-crawford musem who's center piece is a "coon-skin cap" woo hoo very exciting. There are a ton of bars that one can quietly drink in and these alcoholics here often do on a daily basis. The police agencies here have allowed heroin to explode like while fire, but there again alcohol plays a roll I'm sure and who's worrying about arresting drug dealers when you're busy loving your woman's face with your fist after you get you 12 pack drunk on. Florence offers a wide variety of commercial food chain restaurants with plenty of "upper crust" atmospher and the shopping isn't just limited to Walmart although Walmart is Florence, Ky's most frequented shopping. While cities like New Orleans, La. enjoy Culture and heritage art and museums you'll find absolutely none of that here. If you're looking for a nice restaurant that offers a quiet or romantic night out well that's non-existent as well. The people in Florence, Ky: While the rest of the U.S. population enjoys a average I.Q. of 135 you'll find that 79 points is considered the norm in Florence, Ky. Florence residents are a little tricky to pin down on a social level, but most would call them "sociopaths" even though Florence psychologists have misdiagnosed most of them as having Bipolar disorder. If you can imagine such a thing as a "snobby redneck hillbilly" as ironic as that may sound then you could imagine Florence, Ky's social atmospher. Education: Elementary schools do not offer children below grade 8 manuscript writing in Florence, Ky. and courses in english offer such words as "ain't got no" and "ain't never going to be no" as acceptable grammer. Word recognition among the adult population in Florence, Ky. consists of words like "Warsh" which is acceptable for "wash" the word bag replaces beg and the word beg replaces bag. The average reading level is at least 6th grade even after high school graduation and most companies here try their hardest to hire workers from out-of-state in order to fill their positions with a qualified competent work force. Entertainment: Night life in Florence, Ky. ends a 1:30 AM at the latest and any semblance of a decent place to eat after midnight is right up there with Wafflehouse and White Castle. Florence, Ky offers minor baseball during summer time and you will cheer for both the home team and opposing team or else. The people of Florence, Ky perfer a quiet community "very quiet" so social gatherings outside of hillbilly backyards and quiet dreary bars is highly discouraged by police agencies here. NOTE: everything is closed by 3PM on Sundays. Shopping: Next to NKY/Cincinnati International Airport Walmart is the biggest attraction in or near Florence, Ky. and although Florence tried desperately to keep Ethan Allen Furniture here that company only stayed for about three months before cutting their losses. That should speak volumes. Median Income: The offical census is 24K per year, but let's remember that usually takes Florence, Ky couples working together to pull in that kind of money in Florence, Ky. Florence is a "Blue Collar ommunity" trying hard to look "White Collar" and trust me it works very hard at it. Opportunity: Florence, Ky. offers very little in the way of opportunity and Florence youth usually finds that drugs and alcohol are all the opportunity that they need since it seems to work so well for their parents. FACTOID: Lexington, Ky was voted one of America's laziest cities in 2013 and Florence is a mere 85 miles away from there. Florence, Ky quick overview: If you'd enjoy living on the edge of the "rust belt" in the middle of "fly-over country" then you'll enjoy living in Florence, Ky.
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Source: The Florence, KY data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).