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The Low Down on Flag Town

Born and raised in Flagstaff. Moved away while in the military and couldn't afford to stay when I returned. The housing prices are ridiculous. The town centers around the University and the downtown area. City cares about this area and nothing else. Unless of course the else is an industry that wants to bring more jobs or expand. Then the answer is NO! I miss the forest, trails and proximity to Sedona.Bottom line is Flagstaff is for the following people type:Wealthy second home owners or retirees. College Students on mom and dad's dime.Hippies who can't handle the rain in Portland and enjoy poverty.Flagstaff is not for those looking to find affordable housing with costs relative to income. I never thought the crime rate to be that bad but as a long time resident I may have been able to look past it.The weather is pretty awesome with all four seasons. Can be very windy is some areas. Look at the trees before you buy a house.
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Flagstaff, AZ: A Great Place to Live

I have lived in Flagstaff, Arizona for many years and have found much to love about the city. Flagstaff's unique blend of beautiful scenery, clear weather and lively culture make it a fantastic place to live, work or retire. The city has much to offer new residents and travelers, including affordable real estate, a vibrant arts and cultural scene, low crime and a wealth of great shops and restaurants to choose from. While Flagstaff will probably disappoint those who enjoy living in big cities like New York or Los Angeles and their plentiful amenities, its charm and strong sense of community makes it a great place to live for most other people. As the gem of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff boasts stunning natural scenery and an abundance of outdoor recreational options. Hiking, biking, bird watching, fishing, mountain climbing and other activities are all easy to do in Flagstaff, and its close proximity to the Grand Canyon makes it an ideal location for day trips there. The city's downtown offers plenty of top-notch restaurants, stores and nightlife spots to explore, while its rich cultural scene includes the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra, the Orpheum Theater, the Museum of Northern Arizona and the beautiful Arboretum at Flagstaff. Moreover, the city's economy is robust and highly diverse, with plentiful employment opportunities in sectors such as business, education, government, media, retail and much more. In addition to its breathtaking scenery and cultural and recreational options, Flagstaff boasts excellent schools, safe neighborhoods and a strong real estate market. The city is also home to Northern Arizona University, one of the top colleges in the state. Flagstaff offers good roads and highways as well as mass transit options like Amtrak and Flagstaff Pulliam Airport. While big city residents may find the city boring and lacking in attractions, Flagstaff is still a fantastic place to live. Its mix of stunning scenery, rich culture and affordability is hard to beat.
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