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Considering moving to Flag, but have 3 questions. Thanks, We are considering moving to Flag from Birmingham, Al. as our son is moving there. Upon visiting the city, we enjoyed (what appeared to be) a very laid back atmosphere, with a distinctly Liberal orientation. Yes, there are Liberals in Alabama... Just have 3 questions: (1) We plan to rent the 1st year and buy later. Can anyone suggest neighborhoods (without lots of college students) where home or condo/apartment rentals are in the $1400-$2000 per month range for a 2-3 bed & 2 bath? (Lower to mid price range preferred, obviously) Ideally near bus lines. Areas downtown would be great but it appears there are very limited choices. (2) Weather / Roads : It's clear there's lots of snow (we've lived in areas like that before), but wondered how well the City maintains the roads in winter. Can you get to work with relative ease? (3) Public Transit: How good is the bus service? Thanks in advance for your help, Answer question
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