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Life Style Considerations

AREAVIBES reports on statistics as they should. These are facts and important to understand. However there is another aspect of choosing a place to live, and that is the social environment. What is day to day living in a community, your neighbors, the property owners association, the management company, all the things that make life a real pleasure or perhaps not. The intent of my review is to add my opinion to this very important consideration in Fairfield Harbour. For readers not familiar with the history of Fairfield Harbour (FFH), I suggest reading http://tinyurl.com/2fyja65 before my opinion. In the past year or two not much has changed in FFH, just continuation of a Hatfields & McCoys environment between those who sponsor significant dues increases for all to pay for their envisioned utopia and those who want the community to remain what they acquired as a property owner, as defined in their Declaration of Restrictions (DOR). So the feud continues, property owner on property owner, and POA versus individual property owners. The community just has way too many angry old people with nothing better to do than be angry. I am not going to get into details, rather just strongly suggest that if you have the slightest interest in FFH, you do intense research on the community and it's living environment before getting serious. Keep in mind that the POA has a PR firm hard at work placing wonderful articles in the press. The POA also supports a couple of Planned Community activist organizations that have awarded them multiple awards for reasons that are not obvious, other than perhaps thanks for financial support. Reality is, way too much involvement of law enforcement in FFH to be anything but alarming. A POA Board way too secret and guarded of every detail. Way too much favortism by the POA Board. Significant dues increases with nothing to show for the money. Way too many foreclosures for a healthy community. Way too many court hearings and trials. And on and on. My suggestion, if you have any interest in FFH drive around the community and randomly stop and talk to residents about their opinions. Do at least a dozen residents and get a good idea of what FFH is all about. Ignore the PR placed media and awards. Then decide if what FFH offers overall, the good and the bad, is what you want.
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Source: The Fairfield Harbour, NC data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).