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Best Places To Live In North Carolina 2024

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North Carolina: The Old North State

Home to more than 10 million people, North Carolina is a scenic mash-up of snow-capped mountain ranges, urban cities, obscure communities and gorgeous beaches. Southern hospitalities and centuries-old culture are simple to find in the Tar Heel State. Peace and quiet comes in the form of homemade sweet tea, old-timer stories about the south, and scenic solitude. While the wonderful bustles of city living come with busy cafes, crisscrossed pedestrian sidewalks, and high-rise apartments in towering skyscrapers. Whatever your preference may be, some of the best places in North Carolina to visit are also the best places to live.

North Carolina is situated on the eastern Atlantic Ocean coastlines of the United States. Georgia and South Carolina lie at the south. Tennessee heads up the western border of North Carolina, while Virginia takes the north. While Charlotte is the most popular N.C. city, Raleigh is the state’s capital. College students flock to UNC Chapel Hill, the oldest N.C. University in the United States. Nature lovers find Wilmington seashores and sections of the Appalachian Mountains most welcoming to adventures.

North Carolina is complex when it comes to weather patterns. Towards the seaside, the weather is more predictable, with rains and high temperatures dominating the summertime. However, there are parts of the state, mostly towards Grandfather Mountain, where morning snow lasts for a few hours before revealing an 80-degree, beautiful afternoon. Aside from the beaches and mountains, the rest of North Carolina offers a temperate cycle of four seasons with weather that you would expect for each one.

Built on historic happenings and old-fashioned southern cuisine, North Carolina is the epitome of antique cultures mixed with modern amenities. In a single day, you could explore the beauties of natural caverns, traipse from animal to the next at the NC Zoo in Asheville, or explore the abundant, beautiful Biltmore Estate. The Battleship North Carolina provides decks of history-rich exploration, while the NC Aquarium is a big hit with families. The costs of living in North Carolina vary, with prices being higher towards the cities and attractions, but lower in smaller towns and close-knit communities.

North Carolina boasts as many natural wonders as cities, so there are plenty of places to hike, camp, and explore. However, if the urban scene is more your speed, take a chance on the nightlife in Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, and Huntersville. You create your own adventures here, as everything is within driving distance of everything else. Be sure to cruise along the Bridge Ridge Parkway in the autumn when the mountain trees’ leaves are changing colors.

There is never a shortage of things to do and see in North Carolina. Which means you have some important decisions to make when choosing to settle down here. With so many options, finding the best places to live in North Carolina isn't always easy. Luckily, we can give you a good idea of where to find home in our picks for the best places to live in North Carolina. Feel free to customize your search with specifications, such as population, search radius, home/rent budget and other factors that mean the most to you.