Evansville, IN

Population: 120,156

Key findings

  • Evansville has a Livability Score of 58/100, which is considered below average
  • Evansville crime rates are 116% higher than the Indiana average
  • Cost of living in Evansville is 4% lower than the Indiana average
  • Evansville real estate prices are 29% lower than the Indiana average
  • Rental prices in Evansville are 6% lower than the Indiana average

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      Evansville, IN

      Evansville is located in Indiana, specifically in Vanderburgh County. It remains the 3rd largest city in Southern Indiana, with a population of around 118,000. The town has diverse backgrounds that comprise of Asians, blacks, and whites being the majority dwellers. The suburban area is ideal for families as it has pleasant neighborhoods. It has exciting nicknames such as the Crescent City, River City, Pocket City, The Ville, and Eville.

      Moving to Evansville is a great idea since you will get to experience warm summers and cool winters as well. If you love nature, you will probably enjoy being at the place since it borders the Ohio River. You can access storage and moving companies that come at pocket-friendly prices. It has one top-notch district school and five public high schools. What’s more, you will find 20 elementary schools and 11 middle schools. In addition to that, there are private and charter institutions as well.

      When it comes to housing, the rental prices are approximately as low as $300 upwards. If you intend to buy a home, the least budget can fall at $89,300 for a 2-bedroom house. It all depends on the location and the type of property that you need. The best part is that you cannot miss out on local amenities and engaging activities to do.

      The most magnificent landmarks are the Mesker Park Zoo, and the Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science. You can enjoy events at the Reitz Home Museum, Ford Center, and Victory Theater. In addition to that, the Angel Mounds State Historic Site will take you back to ancient times. The Children’s Museum of Evansville is the best place for a family’s day out.

      You can access many forms of public transport in Evansville, including air, rail, water, and bus. For starters, the Metropolitan Evansville Transit System provides the best bus network. You will also find bike and pedestrian trails that will help you maneuver the city. The Evansville Airport serves locals and international travelers as well.

      The cost of living is generally low, meaning that you can live comfortably in Evansville. The primary reason is that the economy hasn’t fluctuated; instead, it has remained stable. On that account, you can go to the supermarket and buy all your groceries without fear. However, you should look for a job first before moving since it is quite competitive to get one.

      Evansville is a wonderful city to live in as it takes pride in beautiful people who are easy to talk to anytime. Plus, it is safe, and you can enjoy outdoor activities during the day and night peacefully. Nature is out of the world as you can visit the Ohio River and appreciate the surroundings.

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      Obnoxious Clique Culture

      If you are young and single and not from Evansville or related to someone here, you should not relocate here unless you are moving with close family members, otherwise you will have a hard time connecting. Not impossible, just more challenging than other places I've ever lived and I've lived many places throughout the US. People form cliques early in life and stick to them. They also seem to get married right out of high school here so if you're not in high school or college, dating will be another challenge. Large older population. People are friendly on the surface, but are not open to "outsiders." Nightlife options are dismal. Some small venues offer country and rock options, but if you have other music interests, you're out of luck. Have to drive at least 2 hours through farmland to get to larger cities. Very old fashioned, small town mentality. Pretty much segregated ethnically. Town leadership says they want to grow and welcome all, but residents act differently. 1/2 star for safety and quiet, although, if you live on the "wrong side of town" it's neither safe or quiet.
      • 4 -2
      Law abiding citizen

      One of the worst places to live. Full of drug addicts and thugs, everything is run down, roads full of pot holes and trash. Disaster
      • 2 -4
      IT SUCKS here really bad. Very trashy city. I wouldn't recommend living there.

      I was born and raised there and hatedo it finally moved to a much better city. Unless you like drinking there is nothing else to do. There is one mall. The houses are all run down and shabby. Almost looks like it is full of trashy poor people. No good jobs. I would advise you to stay away.
      • 1 -3
      Worst place ever.

      coming from a bigger city at least, i can say this place is awful. nothing to do, very small, druggies everywhere, smells horrible, really just overall boring. would not recommend. i've been here for a few months and want to hang myself.
      • 3 -2
      Evansville is a good place to die of boredom.

      This city is an economical disaster.The inner city is run down,druggies run rampant.I was born and raised here and have watched 62 yr.s of deterioration.Job after job has left the area,which I got caught up in,went through several shutdowns.Mostly nothing but service industry now.It is hard for people to survive here anymore or have any hope of a good life,unless you are rich to begin with.There use to be a good zoo,outdoor theater,larger stadium,drive in theaters and lots of factory jobs.Now there are two main roads to get the hell out of here and travel over a hundred miles to do something. People don't have any good jobs or money to keep their homes in good repair,so it becomes more and more run down.I would say leave as fast as you can.
      • 3 -3
      Evansville Sucks

      I was born and raised in Evansville. Overall, there isn't much to do here except go out to eat and gain weight. There use to be a lot of green spaces but now there hardly is. There were going to make the Old Robert Stadium Roberts Park but that hasn't happened yet. I wouldn't recommend this city to anybody unless you don't mind not having anything to do.
      • 0 0
      Evansville the 8th worst place to live

      Having lived here at least two years this time and one year back in 2001. Coming from louisville i would not recommend living or visting. Yea there is ONE mall here on the east side that is all. They have very nasty tasting water the city stinks like sewer. Ya if you like to drink there is night clubs i guess to drink a way the fact that this place sucks. You have to stop just about every block red light. Oh by the way the have a so called loyd express way that even has red lights i mean come on who has an express way with red lights. Not any place I have been to any ways so i guess what i am saying this town sucks, and dirty. By the way they are the 8th worst place to live and work that has been a fact and published. So any one in Louisville no do not come here you will hate it go to any were but here trust me i am from Louisville and it is much much better place to live and work and drive
      • 1 0
      Easy Living in Evansville, Indiana

      Having visited the city of Evansville, Indiana many times over the last thirty years, I must say I highly recommend this city for anyone who is looking for a fun weekend get-away. Located between Illinois and Kentucky on the Ohio River, Evansville offers a great number of things to do and attractions to see!

      There are literally hundreds of stores with great shopping in Evansville, with the Eastland Mall home to many of them. There are plenty of specialty shops, as well. If eating is a main priority, then Evansville will fill the bill. There are so many great restaurants in Evansville it is hard to choose which one to try first.

      Evansville offers a lively nightlife with plenty of bars, pubs and clubs. There is also a comedy club and the Casino Aztar for varied entertainment. The Casino Hotel offers fabulous rooms at reasonable prices and is only a short distance from attractions like the Museum of Art, History and Science as well as the Mesker Park Zoo.

      A great place for anyone to visit and probably an even better place to live, Evansville offers something for families, singles or couples. Treat yourself and put it at top of the list for future places to enjoy.
      • 1 -1
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      Source: The Evansville, IN data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).