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probably the nicest place west of Lancaster, Reading and Allentown

Southeastern Pennsylvania's westernmost major town isn't exciting at all; but it offers frequent Amtrak service. The cable service is good (six PHILADELPHIA channels and one Baltimore channel!) Other than NBC 8, all of the other local channels are absolutely PATHETIC (no redeeming value whatsoever!) It is NOT PET FRIENDLY! Lots of parks; but not a single one allows MAN"S BEST FRIEND! The property taxes were absolutely ridiculous (other than repairing roads and snow plowing) pet-owning couples get nothing whatsoever for their tax dollars! It is not an ethnically diverse community. Most people are white (over 95%;) and most are from a Protestant background (only 15% Catholic;) and church attendance is very average. There are a few good restaurants (Panda Buffet, Hosses and Pizzatown, and Simplee Seafood in neighboring Mt. Joy.) If you are white, Protestant, not a dog-lover, and do not crave exitement Elizabethtown might be a perfect match for you.
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