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Elberton is GREAT

Elberton, GAElberton GA is a great place to live! It's a town full of diversity and has one of the biggest companies in town with absolutely NO CRIME!Jobs are endless and abundant, the town just makes you realize this country is a 1st world country. Elberton GA shows how advanced people can be and how much people had evolved into open minded multicultural enthusiasts! Have you seen the multiculturalism here? It's AMAZING! Elberton is known for the safe community it has, you could leave your door wide open day and night and not worry about anyone breaking in!All Elberton GA needs is a Black History Museum! We got a Wal-Mart, Dollar Family, Cash Checking, Night Clubs, Cheap Apartments, Loud Banging Bass Music Shaking the town day & night! We got beggars, we got a whole lotta rappers. This place is the best place to live in AMERICA!It really shows how beautiful America is. PLEASE STOP BY AND CONSIDER MOVING IN!Meanwhile in Elberton GA's Wal-Mart (A High-End store):Elbertonian #1: Ayee yo what up cuh?Elbertonian #2: Ye yo it's ULL GUUUD. Muh diversity and shit homie!Elbertonian #1: Ye ye homie, this is what our youth culture needs to be like tho know what I mean?Elbertonian #2: YE YEEEEEY, RAP CULTURE AND A WHOLE LOTTA GANG [****]!Elbertonian #1: WHO YOU BE REPPIN CUH?Elbertonian #2: I AINT YO CUH.Elbertonian #1: WHAT COLOR YOU REPPIN?Elbertonian #2: AIN'T NONE OF YO BUSSSINUZ!*GUNSHOT*Suburban Family: *Rolls into Elberton.* Oh this town is so diverse, so much multiculturalism here... Kids, I think we just found you the perfect place!
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