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El Dorado Is Stunning!!!

I have lived in El Dorado Hills, California for a number of years and the area is simply stunning. El Dorado Hills sits in the foothills to the East of Lake Folsom and features many beautiful gated communities, sprawling greenery and incredible views. Chances are if you own a home in this area you are very wealthy, because the average costs of homes here are much larger and nearly double the average cost in surrounding areas. However, you wouldn't have to walk very far in any direction to find a home that was worth well over five million dollars. One of the best things about El Dorado Hills is the great community and the extremely low level of crime that is reported in the area. El Dorado Hills currently has a crime rate that is less than ten percent of the state average and the people in this area are generally extremely happy and friendly. There are plenty of community centers and there is just a general good vibe all around the area. You can find some amazing restaurants in this area, which cater to residents that have a great deal of cash, but you can also find great restaurants for affordable prices. There are several outlet malls that are just a short drive away and there is plenty of great shopping at top of the line stores all around the area. You won't find too much night life in this area, but you will find a plethora of outdoor activities. There is amazing fishing and hunting in the area and there are stunning trails that make for great hikes and perfect terrain for dirt biking and mountain biking. In general, El Dorado Hills is a great place to raise a family.
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