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My Days In Eden Prairie, MN

I just got back from a weekend in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and I must say that it is a very beautiful place. As I touched down at Flying Cloud Airport, I was immediately impressed by the idyllic sight of Eden Prairie's rolling green hills and seventeen beautiful lakes. There is a lot of natural beauty in this town, and I would recommend visiting for that reason alone. Not only that, but Eden Prairie has more than 120 miles of wonderful trails that I enjoyed walking every morning. These trails are also ideal for biking and jogging. I'm afraid there wasn't really much of a downtown and thus not much of a nightlife in Eden Prairie, but I can report that the restaurants were excellent. Great Mandarin offers a delicious lunch buffet while The Original Pancake House is perfect for breakfast. Eden Prairie is home to a mall called the Eden Prairie Center that holds a Kohl's, Sears, and JC Penney among other popular stores. It was a convenient place to shop. All things considered, I loved Eden Prairie and hope to visit again sometime.
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