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Great place to raise a family

While some may be skeptics of Danville I am not one of them. If you read bad reviews please keep in mind that there is crime any where you go. I live on the outskirts of Danville in the county and work in the heart of downtown Danville. They are in the process of redeveloping and renovating a lot of older buildings and bringing more jobs to this area. The area is beautiful with local parks and shopping areas. There are a lot of things for families to do here and multiple schools that have GREAT reputations. So I would suggest for anyone to come check out our hometown for themselves!
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Vote on a arcade in Danville va

I lived in Danville Va for 18 years, I always loved going to Uplay when it was still open. I want to find out from the public, will it be a good idea to put a arcade in the city for kids to have fun and win prizes. If I can get people to send me emails telling me it will be a good idea then i will try my hardest to get one on Piney Forest Rd.. My email is longoriamurphy95@gmail.com.... Please let me know ASAP and I promise you I will have one here by the end of summer 2014...
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Danville, VA A Diverse Urban Area

I have lived in Danville, VA for my entire life. Born and raised here I pretty well know the city inside and out. It is a very diverse city one that is a culmination of people from all walks of life. That is one of the best things about this region. The people of Danville really make up a good portion of what I like about the region. The cost of living is also pretty reasonable which is probably the main reason I am still living here. There is a stable economy which is more than most locations can boast these days. There are actually many different attractions in Danville, however, most of them are historical in nature. There is the Tank Museum, the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History, and the Science Museum. I would really like for them to consider some sort of amusement center but unfortunately that is likely not going to happen. Danville, VA has some nice mom and pop places to eat and shop. These are my favorite places. I like them because I not only know the people who own the places but I also feel like I am giving back to the local economy. There is something really special about knowing that your money is going to help another family survive. Reuben's Restaurant is by far the best place to eat barbeque in Danville. Locally owned and operated if you do make your way to Danville, VA this is a place that you will want to put first on your list. It is a greasy spoon diner. Clean and good eats at a reasonable price. They even have items available for take out if you are in a hurry. Overall Danville is a quiet friendly city set in the scenic and historical state of Virginia. While it may not be overly exciting there are several good things about living in Danville. The low cost of living, the community, and the locally owned establishments most definitely top the list.
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