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Best Places To Live In Corpus Christi, TX

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Corpus Christi, TX: Diversity, Fun & Terrific Weather

Corpus Christi is a Texas Gulf Coast city that is situated roughly 130 miles from San Antonio. With over 320,000 residents, the city is known for its diversity, fun attractions and terrific weather. Corpus Christi also features a wide range of housing options that are perfect for people of all income levels.

One of the best aspects to living in Corpus Christi is its affordability. The city’s average housing costs and rents are lower than in most other parts of the country. Some of the most reasonably priced housing options can be found in the Northwest and Central neighborhoods. Even the Flour Bluff neighborhood, which is situated right along the coast, has surprisingly affordable housing and some of the best places to live in Corpus Christi.

The near-perfect weather throughout much of the year inspires many people to move to Corpus Christi. The lowest temperatures rarely drop below freezing with average highs throughout the year hovering in the 70s and 80s. Temperatures can sometimes reach into the 100s during the summer. Most of the city’s rainfall occurs June through September.

Getting around Corpus Christi by car is easy when taking Interstate 37 or U.S. Highway 59, 77 or 83. The Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority oversees the city’s public bus routes. Domestic and international flights pass through the Corpus Christi International Airport daily.

Many ideal homes are situated near some of the best places in Corpus Christi for fun and entertainment. The Texas State Aquarium features numerous species of fish and other intriguing aquatic wildlife. Cacti, orchids and succulents are just a few examples of the tree and plant life that can be seen at the South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center. The Hans and Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge is an ideal location for birdwatching. An old battleship known as the USS Lexington is now used as a floating museum that sits in Corpus Christi Bay. Corpus Christi even has its own baseball, ice hockey and rugby teams that hold local tournaments throughout the year. The city is also adjacent to Padre Island, which boasts a variety of seaside national parks along with other exciting attractions.

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