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We have travelled thru Coos Bay many times and always felt comfortable, so much so we're considering moving there. Love the idea of Bi-Mart, fun little funky get whatcha need kind of store and already have a membership :) We do have young ones, a toddler and teenagers. How's the community feel? Activities in town? Open to new comers? Employment is not an issue as I work from home but I'm sure the teens would like part time jobs. Schools? Any honest advise would be most welcome!
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Typical coastal Oregon town

After reading the "bike traveler" review, I felt compelled to do some clarifying of our lovely area. Throughout Oregon we have MEMBERSHIP ONLY stores called BiMart. You must show your membership card to get buzzed through the front door. It isn't some strange place that only the Coos Bay area has. Our historical Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge is under renovations and has been for nearly 3 years now. Sorry for the inconvenience to your bicycling husband, but in order to keep the old CEMENT based bridge safe it needed to be refitted for new concrete. ONLY ONE side of the bridge is closed at a time and usually only in about 40ft sections. Every year hoards of bicyclists attempt to ride over the walk-your-bike-across bridge causing traffic backups and accidents. It's a huge thorn in the side of motorists and commercial truck drivers. People may seem depressed in the area because the area is DEPRESSED. The Coos Bay/North Bend area has been depressed since the 1980's when logging and fishing STOPPED. The cost of living is high, the wage is low and the unemployment rate was 13% the last time I looked. We don't really have STRIP malls. As far as poor customer service, you can find that everywhere. We do however have the largest covered shopping mall on the Oregon coast called Pony Village Mall. We have beautiful beaches, excellent restaurants, the Oregon Dunes, fishing, crabbing, clamming, swimming, camping, and world class golf just 22 miles South in Bandon. The Mill Casino is another popular draw, sitting right on the Coos Bay. Coos county is a beautiful and wonderful place to visit...it's just not so pleasant to live here sometimes. Bike Traveler (other reviewer) said Coosians (ridiculous made up word) should be ashamed. Why??
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Biking through Coos Bay

Oregon is beautiful, so why are the people in Coos Bay so miserable? My husband just called with an update on his ride from Eugene, OR to Monterey, CA. Day one was lovely. Day 2 was through Coos Bay. He had to make a stop for some provisions and found each and every person he encountered to appear miserable. No facial affect. Disinterested. In order to get into a particular store, an attendant within the store had to press button allowing him admittance. What is that? In one establishment he was so tired of what he'd encountered already, he approached a counter to order a sandwich. He said what he wanted and the worker, with totally flat affect told him he had to write it down. My husband said, "Never mind. I'll just take these bananas." He had to cross over a bridge that his guidebook recommended would be best done on the sidewalk. However, the sidewalk was under repair and blocked off. A button was installed for bike riders to push. He pushed the button which made lights blink, warning cars to be careful. He and two other bike travelers carefully proceded single file and cars passed them, drivers honking and swearing at them. The water was lovely, the coastline as well. The strip malls, yuck. Coosians, you should be ashamed.
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