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Best Places To Live In Concord, CA

  • Concord, CA
  • Your matching location
  • Population: 126,938
  • I have visited the city of Concord on many occasions to see my grandparents. What I enjoy about Concord are the Walnut trees, yes Walnut trees! Concord is the only place I know that has Walnut trees! The
Nearby Areas With A High Livability Score89
  • Port Costa, CA
  • 11.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 228
  • Contra Costa Centre, CA
  • 4.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 6,190
  • Lafayette, CA
  • 8.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 25,381
  • Lafayette is an incredible small city across the bay from San Francisco. It is tucked in between many small parks that are very fun to spend time in, no matter what time of year it is. The Lafayette
  • San Ramon, CA
  • 13.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 74,366
  • And a San Ramon native I for one can vouch for the fact that it is single-handedly one of the most beautiful places in the Bay. With a very mild climate and beautiful atmosphere, San Ramon is also a
  • Danville, CA
  • 11.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 43,758
  • I lived in Danville California for the better part of my childhood, and I still travel there to visit my parents and grandparents during holidays. The city is a very calm place, and in my opinion a great
  • Dublin, CA
  • 19 miles away (City)
  • Population: 54,523
  • I have lived near Dublin, California in the East Bay Area for several years and it is an absolutely lovely place to live, if you have the money of course. Dublin is a very expensive part of the East Bay
  • Crocker Highland, Oakland, CA
  • 16.6 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 2,280
  • Piedmont, CA
  • 16.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 11,201
  • Living in the city of Piedmont is an amazing, yet expensive experience. When I lived in Piedmont, there was never a dull day. This city is full of life and excitement. There is always somewhere to go
  • Kensington, CA
  • 15.9 miles away (City)
  • Population: 5,602
  • Upper Rockridge, Oakland, CA
  • 15.6 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 5,996
  • Montclair, Oakland, CA
  • 15.1 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 4,011
  • North Gate, CA
  • 4.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 465
  • Acalanes Ridge, CA
  • 6.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,000
  • Forestland, Oakland, CA
  • 14 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,954
  • Saranap, CA
  • 7.1 miles away (City)
  • Population: 6,211
  • Shepherd Canyon, Oakland, CA
  • 14.5 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,863
  • Merriwood, Oakland, CA
  • 14.4 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 3,273
  • Shell Ridge, CA
  • 4.9 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,123
  • Glen Highlands, Oakland, CA
  • 15 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,473
  • Orinda, CA
  • 11 miles away (City)
  • Population: 18,936
  • I have been living here in Orinda, CA going on 10 years now and I love it here. Orinda is probably one of the best places to live, in my opinion. It's a happy friendly place with lots of good people and
  • Panoramic Hill, Oakland, CA
  • 14.3 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,751
  • Alamo, CA
  • 8.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 16,078
  • I've lived all over the beautiful state of California and I can honestly say that Alamo is one of the best areas in the whole state to call home. Living in Alamo (a suburb of San Francisco Bay/East Bay)
  • Walnut Creek, CA
  • 5.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 67,568
  • I've lived close to Walnut Creek, located in the San Francisco East Bay, for most of my life. The city has a Mediterranean climate--moist, cool winters and dry, hot summers. Granted, it is more of a
  • Reliez Valley, CA
  • 5.9 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,595
  • Albany, CA
  • 18.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 19,420
  • Living near San Francisco can have its perks, you know. A small town like Albany gives you so much flexibility when it comes to where you want to work, send your kids to school, and where you like to
  • San Miguel, CA
  • 6.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,214
  • Woodminster, Oakland, CA
  • 15.4 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,530
  • Alameda, CA
  • 21.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 77,409
  • From a beautiful golf course to a indoor mini golf course miniature of the Bay Area, to bowling alley, and two antique arcades. The best little shopping area in SF Bay. Great restaurants and street
  • Moraga, CA
  • 11 miles away (City)
  • Population: 16,977
  • I have lived in Moraga, CA for a couple of years now and it is a wonderful place to create a life for yourself. The city has access to all of the fun of the San Francisco bay area without the hustle and
  • Blackhawk, CA
  • 12.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 9,468
  • Oakmore, Oakland, CA
  • 15.7 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 4,022
  • Benicia, CA
  • 10.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 27,780
  • What Inlove about Benicia is it’s not as an Francisco or Sacramento. It’s a nice small town with a lot to offer, and right of the back I would recommend for any family of any size. It was great growing
  • Camino Tassajara, CA
  • 12.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,456
  • Martinez, CA
  • 6.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 37,544
  • I've lived in Martinez for over 20 years and Pleasant Hill for 15 years. What I like about living in historical downtown Martinez are the old custom homes, and the proximity to the water and the weather
  • Castle Hill, CA
  • 7.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,202
  • Clayton, CA
  • 4.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 11,655
  • Clayton is an average sized suburb of San Francisco housing approximately eleven thousand residents. This is an extremely respected neighborhood for many reasons, one of which includes the fact that is a
  • Claremont, Oakland, CA
  • 14.6 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,097
  • Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, CA
  • 14.8 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 681
  • Pacheco, CA
  • 3.9 miles away (City)
  • Population: 4,059
  • Norris Canyon, CA
  • 15.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,046
  • Trestle Glen, Oakland, CA
  • 17 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 3,819
  • Lincoln Highlands, Oakland, CA
  • 15.9 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 2,445
  • Livermore, CA
  • 23.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 86,493
  • Most people look forward to their honeymoon above any weekend getaway. I suppose me and my fiancée were an exception to the rule. We were so stressed about planning the wedding - her more than me - that
  • Piedmont Pines, Oakland, CA
  • 14.8 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 2,892
  • Pleasant Hill, CA
  • 4.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 34,395
  • I love Pleasant Hill! On my off days, I'm usually enjoying a cool drink or checking out the news while catching a relaxing breeze in Gregory Gardens, Grayson Woods, Poests Corner, and El Dorado Park.,
  • Leona Heights, Oakland, CA
  • 15.9 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 930
  • Castro Valley, CA
  • 18.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 62,825
  • The only reason why I know about Castro Valley, CA is because I am from the San Francisco, East Bay. Castro Valley is like most smaller towns in the area, it's nice and kind of quiet. It's a great place
  • Piedmont, Oakland, CA
  • 16.2 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 10,992
  • Hercules, CA
  • 16 miles away (City)
  • Population: 25,011
  • I live in Hercules, CA and I look forward to each day here. Hercules was named after the Hercules Powder Company, which used to own the land as part of their factory. We are a bedroom community, situated
  • Clyde, CA
  • 4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 793

Listed above are the best places to live in Concord, CA for 2019. The list of best places is compiled using the AreaVibes Livability Score which is calculated from a score out of 100 and based on various categories. These categories include: amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing and weather. Displayed first is the matching location - Concord, CA, followed by the best places to live near Concord, CA, sorted by Livability Score.

To customize the list of best places to live in and around Concord, CA, you are able to first select the search radius, which is the maximum distance you'd like to search for nearby cities or neighborhoods. Next, you can choose to display cities only, neighborhoods only or both cities and neighborhoods. The population dropdown will allow you to customize the size of the cities that you would like to appear in the list. You can then set the importance of each category based on what's most important to you. Finally, you can set your home/rent budget based on what you're comfortable spending on housing or rent. Once your search preferences have been set, you will have your personalized list of the best places to live in Concord, CA.

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