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So is The City of Clermont's Comprehensive. Plan is based on a premise of FRAUD?

My Question Is.Is it legal to have two final hearings on an Ordinance #230-M?When on Feb 12,1991 #230-M was Tabled INDEFINITELY.( closer of a street )Some how Resurrected for a total different Use.On August 13,1991 Again another final hearing on #230-M to Adopt The Comprehension Plan, 6 Months After being Tabled INDEFINITELY. ( I thought Indefinitely was forever )And on Aug 13 The City manager Quoted Saying in Minutes that the City Planning & Zoning on August 6,1991 had a Unanimous Vote for Approval.But it is NOT on the Agenda, there Is NO Proof that The City ever had a Vote for Approval & Not in Minutes.Is This or it This NOT Legal?According to The City of Clermont's Own Codes of Ordnance Sec.1-14. Altering Code.'It shall be Unlawful for any person or persons, To Alter, Change, Add, Delete, Amend , Any portion of a Ordnance it is thereby FRAUD.'So is The City of Clermont's Comprehensive. Plan is based on a premise of FRAUD?
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love it here in clermont

i really love living in clermont, its the best city for me so far, i have been here since 1995, i have a small house and all the people here are frienly and easy to get along, i have a small school here which i teach karate, you can visit me and check out my school, we can talk about what you want and train, i will surely help you with your needs in terms of fitness and recreation, hope people will recognize clearmont as the best florida city in the usa. thanks a lot south lake karate academy http://www.clermontkarate.com
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