Key findings

  • Clermont has a Livability Score of 84/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Clermont crime rates are 18% lower than the Florida average
  • Cost of living in Clermont is equal to the Florida average
  • Clermont real estate prices are 12% higher than the Florida average
  • Rental prices in Clermont are 11% higher than the Florida average

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      Clermont Proper vs unincorporated

      I see reviews talking about unincorporated Clermont. Clermont proper within city limits is fantastic. Up in the hills and lakes of lake county. Unincorporated Clermont is down by 192 adjacent to Disney property and an immense amount of vacation homes and rentals. I will agree its disgusting and scary down there...but the rest of us don't consider that part of Clermont. It's Four Corners. Clermont proper is 30 minutes north up 27 and is an excellent place to live if you want a quiet area well enough away from the parks and tourism to not be inundated by it, while still being close enough to enjoy whenever you would like.
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      Clermont is over rated

      Nothing to do at all in Clermont you have to go to all surrounding places to do anything at all. There are no attractions in Clermont they're all elsewhere. There is no such thing as a nightlife unless you want to go to the bar and that's about it unless you go elsewhere outside of Clermont. Rent is way overpriced wages are way under the normal. If you live in Clermont and are trying to get a job and live off the local economy it will not work. Most of the jobs pay minimum wage to $13. It is not worth it to move here it is a crappy place to live the cops are all douchebag cops A Few Good Apples does not make the barrel good. Disney and Universal are the only places to work and they pay poorly. Most people that want to work can. You just cant afford anything. All the attractions nearby is a joke since most cant afford. But they do finance tickets so hey that's not a scam warning or red flag. If you have a family everyone better be working a job. If not room mates. Most people I know rent out rooms due to cost of living. Or buy a house and RIP off snowbirds. You never know who is renting a room where so if ya got kids and think your in a nice area and the HOA checks for pedophiles yeah nope. Not with all the subletting. Apartments dont rent waste of money due to renting a house is cheaper. Who knows why 1500 for 3br. On third floor no garage At ashton chase or rent a 3br home with garage and pool for 1500 hmmmmm. Dont be a fool with your money.
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      Clermont a place to live.

      Clermont is a great place to live with Disney and Universal near by. If you can get here this is a fantastic place to live.
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      Home Invasion and Death

      Moved down from New Haven Ct, after 2 years here I'm leaving! I live near New haven til I was 57 never heard even a single gun shot..they say it sounds like fireworks..Well I can tell you from experience now.. GUNSHOTS sound like GUNSHOTS!! I am a disabled widow, I live alone on the first floor of the Raintree apts in the 4 corners section of Clermont, On july 30th of 2017 A home invasion involving 4 men with AK 47's happened in my building 2 floors above me, The homeowner killed the invader at his door. It was horrifying to hear and be hiding in my bathroom for hours in the middle of the night. The next I went to the office and yes the manager said I could move out, other than that it was like nothing even happened.. I felt like I was living alone in the shock, I cant live in the wild west where gun pulling is normal..Im out!!
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      So is The City of Clermont's Comprehensive. Plan is based on a premise of FRAUD?

      My Question Is.Is it legal to have two final hearings on an Ordinance #230-M?When on Feb 12,1991 #230-M was Tabled INDEFINITELY.( closer of a street )Some how Resurrected for a total different Use.On August 13,1991 Again another final hearing on #230-M to Adopt The Comprehension Plan, 6 Months After being Tabled INDEFINITELY. ( I thought Indefinitely was forever )And on Aug 13 The City manager Quoted Saying in Minutes that the City Planning & Zoning on August 6,1991 had a Unanimous Vote for Approval.But it is NOT on the Agenda, there Is NO Proof that The City ever had a Vote for Approval & Not in Minutes.Is This or it This NOT Legal?According to The City of Clermont's Own Codes of Ordnance Sec.1-14. Altering Code.'It shall be Unlawful for any person or persons, To Alter, Change, Add, Delete, Amend , Any portion of a Ordnance it is thereby FRAUD.'So is The City of Clermont's Comprehensive. Plan is based on a premise of FRAUD?
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      love it here in clermont

      i really love living in clermont, its the best city for me so far, i have been here since 1995, i have a small house and all the people here are frienly and easy to get along, i have a small school here which i teach karate, you can visit me and check out my school, we can talk about what you want and train, i will surely help you with your needs in terms of fitness and recreation, hope people will recognize clearmont as the best florida city in the usa. thanks a lot

      south lake karate academy
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      Reason for reporting
      Source: The Clermont, FL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).