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"The North Country: Nothing Like It!"

Living in Claremont, NH is so amazing! It's such a beautiful place with lots of beautiful mountains and lakes. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. There's an Amtrak station nearby, making it convenient to get around the city. And I love how low the rent is here, especially with as nice of an area Claremont is. There are plenty of businesses who're always hiring. Helping any newcomers to establish themselves and get on their own two feet. Full-time, part-time or temporary work you can find any type of job imaginable. The residents here are very kind and courteous. Welcoming everyone into their close knit community! The northern part of town is one of the best areas in Claremont, NH! There's a Walmart Supercenter right around the corner, ideal for one-stop shopping. Sometimes I'll venture over to Water Street and grab a bite to eat at The Common Man Restaurant. Even though they don't open up until 4 pm, the food is so good it's well worth the wait.
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