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No wonder Chino Valley is ranked so low. It's full of modular homes that appear to be 50 years old and not very well kept. Modular homes are surrounded by trash outside and perhaps 3 or 4 washing machines that don't work. Broken down cars sitting outside and broken motorcycles. Weeds grown up all around as these people do not care to take care of their property. And there is a high crime rate in that neighborhood. Just drive down E. Road 2 North and you'll see all the trash on both sides of this road. Chino Valley is a very poor town and the Town cannot afford to repair the roads for it's citizens living here. So you better have a 4 wheel drive or truck. Any small car and your alignment and tires will suffer from all the pot holes. Chino Valley doesn't have any money to make improvements. There is only one grocery store to shop at. The Town Council made an agreement with Safeway that there would not be any competition. So everyone is stuck shopping at one grocery store unless you drive down to Prescott Valley or Prescott to shop at Fry's, Sprouts and Trader Joe's. And of course there is a Costco in Prescott. You wouldn't want to shop in Chino Valley anyway, the sales tax is a whopping 10.35%. Small restaurants don't last long. There are mostly food trucks along the 89 selling high calorie expensive food. Not very healthy living. The Town Council is a "Good Old Boy" mentality and the construction inspections are basically ignored. It's very dry and windy here. You'll have a hard time breathing and your skin will itch constantly. Dust will be blowing in to your house every day. Too far from major Hospitals and doctors. You'll have to drive in to Prescott Valley or Prescott for medical care. There aren't any decent malls or stores to shop at. We drive down to Chandler, Scottsdale, Peoria and Glendale to shop and find fantastic restaurants. The City Sewer bill is $65/month and that's added on to your water bill. Sam's Club closed up. Furniture stores have closed. The Gateway Mall is virtually empty. And the one airline that flew out of Prescott Airport discontinued it's flights. Lot's of bugs, dust and weeds blowing all over in Chino Valley. Your full time job after you retire will be killing weeds and spraying for bugs all Summer. No night life here. Sure there are a few bars, but they don't provide a menu with food. Shopko is closing it's store that was only here for 2 years. Dining has only 3 decent places. Don't even go to Boon Fire Restaurant. Rumor has it, that they'll be closing soon. So no, Chino Valley should be rated much lower with Yuma, AZ.
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