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This is more of a comment or observation. Charlottesville, Va is a lovely historic town overall that has a lot to offer not the least of which is its downtown and beautiful countryside around it, great views etc... However; when you take into account that it scored an F for cost of living but a C- for crime and that most of its neighbors overall scored higher on here than Charlottesville to include scoring an A or A+ on crime.... Nota Bene Charlottesville realtors. :) Charlottesville is great, but so is________. Charlottesville is quaint, but so is__________. Charlottesville is historic but so isTHE ENTIRE STATE! I say this, but know its still on my short list of relocation destinations. :)
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Where it is

This city has been for a long time the only place I felt welcomed. It is unfortunately ironic that over the course of my history as a local that I have been progressively cast out and even exiled from my home town. I miss the natural sights which are exceptionally beautiful, rolling hills, various hikes and superb treatment of strangers. The town itself has a classic appeal, and is considerably kind to those who do not involve themselves on a personal level with the people within the city themselves. I grew up in charolettesville and was born in Martha Jefferson hospital, a fine establishment to have been a part of. The Monticello hike is impressive, regardless of having no idea how to reach the summit or the actual building which is or was a magnificent building and genuinely rich in actual culture and history. The petrified tree is significant and as far as I know natural, although it is likely to assume it is unnatural. The actual city is intriguing with many hippy' both kind and ingenuine all over the place, giving the town a rather interesting vibe. Fights and brawls are not often held even in the bars unless you are genuinely not wanted by the establishment and/or people. It is in possession of a fantastic school that may genuinely be run by corrupt idiots where they incarcerate and cast out the victims of crimes. Although I am not speaking from any position more than personal knowledge. It is a town rampant with the law of the strong survive. So long as you pour the right drinks and threaten with a southern smile including point guns at the right people you won't even be sent to jail, much less fined. In fact your victim, like myself, will be sent on a downward slope until they are run out of town violently for fear of their life because of popular demand. Having endured a car accident around my 18th birthday I for not being sexually active via a suppression of my self confidence from locals after high school was subsequently kicked out of my sexual preference by popular demand. I recieved not so much as a medical examination upon arriving at UVA hospital and progressed to lose mindfulness and experience multiple levels of brain damage that resulted in the dethroning of my sanity and a progression of a lack of due process in my legal life resulting in a Pavlovian style of medical treatment. Including acceptance of criminals as dominant insight over my life, a destruction of confidence in my family, tests that resulted in no outcome of proper medical treatment and social castration from enduring a safe night life much less proper living conditions including multiple break ins that were regarded as legal because of imaginary debts that I was too "crazy" or other wise lacked insight to remember the origins of. Upon receiving what was called "proper" medical "help" I was humiliated and neglected by medical staff in ways that cite only my lack of insight as a reason for failing to treat me. Including denial of STD tests related to a lack of insight, despite peeing fire for 2 weeks at a time. Alas, I digress.The sorrounding country side is beautiful and thriving with deep connections to various parts of history including the mass of obviously illiterate and degenerate members of their society that just aren't invited to intellectual conversations or beliefs for a lack of Ivy League education heralded as overly pompous red necks who either know nothing or know it all, all in fact too much to be relatable to anything scientific, sane or worthy of attention. Unless it makes the right people laugh, which makes you all the more worthy to be reminded of and punished for your opinions, experience or beliefs for the entire stay of your American life.Upon making enemies with so much as the spoiled youth in this section of the world you proceed to become an enemy of nearly every educational system in the United States at least. If you encounter a problem your legal opportunities will be purged with the entire confidence of the student legal body. To so much as complain is to be compared to other defunct members of society which results in a life of endangerment leading to an exciting life on the run from any and all levels of society. This also destroys your family, health, and social standing no matter where in the US you go to. To believe this once "best place in America to" be a degenerate hovel is simply the insane ramblings of a defunct and valueless member of society. Who must be slandered at all hours of the day and night until they are obviously denied treatment for such traumatic punishments as being victimized by the mob at the price of justice etc.Luckily if you kiss ass or shine shoes properly you'll be lucky enough to be spit on, and jee willikers I sure was thirsty! In case you don't know how or the shoes you're shining have had a bad day you will be blessed with recognition in the form of a certainly amusing and not at all humiliating painting erected in your honor for all time! If so much as any member of this utopian kingdom has any problem with you there is obviously no hope in your life because as this city has oft proven, there is no purpose of faith, there is only money and if you aren't who we tell you to be or do as we say we will ban you from so much as having a bill of rights!In all seriousness, don't waste your time living or visiting this slowly but surely degrading town. For there is a chance you will no longer be welcomed as a human being at any civilized level of existence. I could have been born elsewhere, like Canada, and probably had more friends. I could have not written this and probably be harassed by the same members of society that are involved with defaming me to the people who would take this seriously, if it not for their word, degree, and/or money. I must say it is dangerous for you, your children, and anybody who does good things to be involved with or to visit this city. It is defunct and immoral itself and has I'm sure had countless strange and unseemly allegations throughout its unnatural history in the civilized world. If you wish for more details please by all means contact me. No harassments would be preferable but because of the elite nature of this town I am sure I have been harassed for so much as writing this review.
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Diverse and Fun City

Charlottesville is a beautiful town with a lot to offer residents and tourists. This place boasts a wide array of people-yuppies, hippies, college kids, old population, and young families. It's a very interesting combination of people. There's actually a lot to do here and there's a lot of great restaurants and shopping. The city is trying to become more public transportation oriented, and it shows. The walking mall is a great place for locals and visitors a like. The town is overpriced in most areas and your money doesn't go nearly as far. The drivers are the worst kind of people. But the diversity and community is almost worth all of this!
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