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Best Places To Live In Charlotte, NC

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Charlotte, NC: Queen City

Charlotte, North Carolina is the most populous city in that state, along with being the seat for Mecklenburg County. More than two million people call the Charlotte metropolitan area home. Demographically, it is a rather diverse city, especially with the thousands of transplants who have migrated there from all over the country, and even all over the world. This has turned Charlotte into a city where southern traditions and other cultures exist side by side.

The cost of living in Charlotte is just below the national average in a variety of areas, including housing, utilities, and healthcare. Most home and rental prices are lower than the national average. For those moving to the city for employment purposes, Charlotte is a center for banking, energy oriented businesses, foodstuffs, and transportation oriented companies. It is also the home to several Fortune 500 company headquarters. Charlotte has been listed by Forbes magazine as a top place for business and career in the country. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. For those raising families, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system has won awards for academic excellence.

If you are looking to escape states with severe winters, Charlotte, North Carolina is the place to be. Winters are very mild, with only a few dozen nights a year where the temperature falls below freezing. Snow can fall in Charlotte, but not in large amounts. Summers are hot and humid. It does rain quite a bit in Charlotte, but there are also plenty of sunny days.

Charlotte has an extensive public transportation system. The city runs a light rail system, express shuttles, buses, even historic trolleys. If you have to travel around the country on business, there is Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, the 11th busiest airport in the nation.

There is plenty to enjoy in a city the size of Charlotte. Sports fans can attend games of the NFL's Carolina Panthers, the NBA's Charlotte Hornets, minor league baseball's Charlotte Knights, NASCAR, and three pro soccer teams. There are plenty of places to walk in the 20-mile Little Sugar Creek Greenway. Museums are a plenty in Charlotte, along with both big and small venues for concerts and plays. Unique attractions and landmarks include Darby Acres Farm and the Rosedale Plantation. The city also puts on numerous festivals and fairs during the year.

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