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Calabasas: The Town that has it all

I spend a lot of time in Calabasas, Ca. It has become my favorite go-to spot on days when I want to enjoy the best of the best. This is due to its impressive views, abundant shopping, top-notch eateries, immaculate streets and resident sense of pride. Living in Calabasas means having instant access to some of the best amenities to be found. Known as a place for the well-off to call home, Calabasas is also warm and welcoming to visitors spending time there for a day of relaxation and feeling spoiled. Known as one of the best areas in Southern California, Calabasas is located in the hills to the west of San Fernando Valley and to the Northwest of the Santa Monica Mountains. This means great views all the way around. The downtown area is extensive and offers some of the best boutiques and cafes in the entire area. Anyone who likes the idea of running into celebrities for photo taking opportunities will also enjoy spending some time in Calabasas. This is due to the fact that many celebrities live here due to everything this beautiful area has to offer.
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