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Burbank, CA - It's Just Right!

I lived in Burbank, CA from 11/2004 until 5/2007. Burbank is one of the most unique cities in America. It is the largest provider of services to the entertainment industry outside of Hollywood, CA. The amount and variety of post production businesses is plentiful and movie/television production is prolific.

I still work in Burbank, at a major movie studio. There are many beautiful homes and quiet neighborhoods to live in. The schools and community services are really great. The Burbank Police are one of the finest around. There are a few shopping areas and they provide such a range of goods and services, you are overwhelmed with choices and they are all very good. I took advantage of just about everything, from the movie theaters to the hardware supply stores.

I would highly recommend Burbank as a place to live,whether they have a family or are single. Literally, there is something for everyone here. I take my lunch breaks there and still utilize many of the services the businesses' and community has to offer even though I no longer live in Burbank. If I could, I'd purchase a home here because it really is a great place to live.
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