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Bullhead city jobs in the area Hello all! Im moving to Bullhead in a few months, Im an electronics technician 10 years experience. what jobs are available around the area paying at least 15 per hour? Any input is greatly appreciated. Answer question
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considering moving to Bullhead City I'm considering moving to Bullhead City. I am not a liberal and will not be screwing up your politics like refugees from California might do. A couple of questions:1. Does it cool off in the evenings in the summer? Or does it stay hot all night?2. Do people grow gardens there and if so how do they do? I want to grow tomatoes, peppers, okra, kale, and some other things.3. Is there BLM or other public land there where you can do target shooting?Thanks! Answer question
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Relocating from Va Don't know if anyone will see this since the posts are from 2010. Here it is 6 years later. Doesn't time fly. My wife and I currently live in Va. Beach, Va. and am over the winters. We are looking to buy a Winter home in Bullhead. We want to be there because I am a native S. Californian. To expensive to live there. How is the crime rate there? If we decide to move there fulltime how hot are the summers. I know that it can get real hot but can you stand to be outside on 110 days? We are use to humidity and it is muggy and sticky. At least out there is it is dry heat. Our average in July and August is about 97-99 with the humidity. Real estate seems cheap there compared to here. What are the Bar laws there as far as opening one there? Are there many? We own one out here and may sell Answer question
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