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The Marlboro Hotel in Buena Vista, VA Back in the 70s, I was stationed in Little Creek, VA. My new wife’s mother was the manager at a hotel in Buena Vista, VA. She was excited about me meeting her mother so on a weekend we packed the car and drove to Buena Vista. Her mother’s name was Peggy and she was small in stature but had a wonderful personality and smile. I remember her mother had a boyfriend named George who I was told had just retired from 20 years working in a factory. He was proud of the gold watch he had been given for his service. The name of the old hotel was Marlboro and the room we were assigned had an old metal bed and the lightbulb hanging from the center of the room on a long cord swung back and forth when you turned it on or off. Sitting in the bed the springs squeaked. After a nice talk we retired to our room about 8:30pm or so. We didn’t see anybody else in the hotel and the only bathroom was down at the end of the hall. After lying in bed a few minutes we kept hearing creeping sounds like footsteps in the corner of our room. The floors creeped, the lights I could see under the doorway as the seemed to get dark and then light . The place I believe was truly haunted. We packed our bags by 10:30pm , went down those long wood stairs, jumped in the car and drove back to Little Creek late that same night. 40 years later I can’t find a trace of this hotel in Buena Vista, VA. Was the hotel destroyed ? I will never forget that evening...Thank You..Paul Smith , St Pete Fl Answer question
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