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Becoming another money grabbing big city

Buena Park is hurting for money and has resorted to "big city" tactics of raising revenue. While crime is on the rise and the quality of schools diminishes, the police department has increased it's ticket writing. Do yourself a favor and choose a different city. Surrounding cities are much nicer, friendlier, and cheaper places to live and don't dive into your pocket for extra cash at every chance. Check out La Palma, Cypress, Lakewood, or Fullerton. Buena Park is trying too hard to be an exotic destination. But people come to Knott's and Buena Park for the authentic, small town feel. If they want overpriced restaurants, shops, and hotels they go down the road to DisneyLand or to Hollywood.
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The City Of Buena Park, California - Center Of The Southland

I have lived in Southern California for the last 10 years and have been in the city of Buena Park on numerous occasions. Some of the fun places that my family went over the past few years in Buena Park are Knott's Berry Farm, the Medieval Times Dinner, and the Pirates Dinner Adventure. We have also taken our dog to a really great dog park in this city at George Bellis Park. Buena Park is centrally located. Driving, you could reach Anaheim in a matter of 10 minutes, while Los Angeles is only about a 30 minute drive in the other direction. That being said, its very easy to enjoy the amenities of those mega cities, while enjoying the small town feel of Buena Park. In addition to several nice attractions, Buena Park also offers a very nice community for local residents. I have several friends that live in and around Buena Park and they have all been impressed with the low crime ratings in the city and the cleanliness of the area itself. Most of the schools in Buena Park do not rank very high, but there are a few that have great test scores.
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