Roxbury, Boston, MA

Population: 63,672

Key findings

  • Roxbury has a Livability Score of 63/100, which is considered below average
  • Roxbury crime rates are 82% higher than the Boston average
  • Cost of living in Roxbury is 15% lower than the Boston average
  • Roxbury real estate prices are 35% lower than the Boston average
  • Rental prices in Roxbury are 38% lower than the Boston average

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      Roxbury Boston, MA Neighborhood Review

      I moved to Roxbury about 25 years ago. For me it was due to a much needed chance of pace. The place has a great deal of charm and charisma because of its humble beginnings in 1630. Allot of people choose this area because it is very close to downtown Boston, yet remains independent. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Boston metro area, and the plethora of parks and churches are proof of this.

      There are 21 different suburbs around the city of Boston, and they all have their unique attractions. It is an industrial town, and there are plenty of jobs. Also, the close proximity to the metro city allows exceptional job opportunities for all career paths. A culturally diverse area, students that live in Roxbury attend the Boston Public Schools, as this is a dissolved municipality. The Roxbury Community College is an exceptional school with good rankings.

      For entertainment, the sky is the limit. The Franklin Park Zoo is a great place to spend the day for both old and young. The Shirley-Eustis House is a significant landmark, and having 33 acres allows a great deal of exploration. Built in 1747, this preserved landsite is a favorite of tourists in the area. The Fort Hill Tower is a favorite spot for history buffs. Build in 1869; this Revolutionary War defense is just one of the great historic sites. Because Boston is a historic city, these are numerous historical places that are fascinating to visit.

      For shopping, I love to head down to Dudley Square. Known as the center's hub for African American culture, it has a wide eclectic mix of goods and plenty of quaint shops. Not just this area, but the entire Roxbury area is known to be the hub of African American culture for the Boston Metro area. The town is going through a renaissance and many changes are taking place, but it is still one of the most amazing places to live.

      Crime rates are a bit higher than average, but it's still one of the greatest places on earth. Just practice safety measures and there should be no issues. The eclectic mix of neighborhoods throughout Roxbury and the friendly people make it one great place to live. There's always something to see and do and great food is always nearby.
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      Source: The Roxbury, Boston, MA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).