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Things to Do in Aurora, Illinois

I have traveled to Aurora, Illinois on many occasions to shop, dine and even gamble in the riverboat on the Fox River. Being able to travel to Aurora regularly because of its proximity is definitely a perk, but the sprawling city has grown a lot in the last twenty years and like most other large cities, Aurora has its good and bad parts. The small town main street is still intact, but there are a lot of additional attractions and shopping centers that attract out of towners as well. One of the biggest attractions in Aurora is the Hollywood Casino riverboat, located very near the downtown area on the Fox River. The riverboat has a casino, fine and buffet dining and shopping all in one place. Since it is located in downtown Aurora, you can walk right over and explore the little shops, restaurants and cafes. My favorite attraction in Aurora though is the Outlet Mall which has some of the best shopping and at a discount. Overall, there is a lot to do in Aurora, but it helps to know the area.
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