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Best Places To Live In Augusta, GA

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Augusta, GA: Home of the Masters

Have you considered relocating to lovely Augusta, Georgia? This community of over 190,000 sits along the shores of the Savannah River. The river adjoins the State of South Carolina. Augusta falls within the populous Richmond County Greater Metropolitan Area, a South Central region along the far eastern border of Georgia which encompasses over half a million people. Some suburbs lie within neighboring South Carolina.

If you decide to move here, you'll appreciate knowing that Augusta experiences a massive influx of visitors every April. Hundreds of thousands of travelers spend an entire week here attending the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament. If you expect to make hotel or travel arrangements here during this period, you'll need to schedule your plans well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Residents of Augusta enjoy easy access to highway and air transportation. Interstate-20 crosses the northern section of Augusta as Carl Sanders Highway. Highway Loop 520 encircles the rest of the city, joining I-20 on the west in Georgia and on the east in South Carolina. Two airports serve this community: Daniel Field sits just west of the Downtown area; Augusta Regional Airport operates several miles south of the city. The city maintains a small public transit service. Most residents commute using private vehicles. Taxi cabs and ridesharing serve this urban location.

The climate here reaches an average low just above freezing during January, the coldest month of the year, and an average high of 93 degrees Fahrenheit during July, the hottest month. Rainfall occurs throughout the year. The heaviest downpours typically arrive between June and late August. With generally mild winters and hot summers, the area appeals to people who do not enjoy driving through snow and ice.

James Oglethorpe founded Augusta as a British colony in 1736. Today, some landmarks still stand within the community, including the childhood home of President Woodrow Wilson. The metro area encompasses several charming historic districts. Broad Street Historic District adjoins the Savannah River, for instance. Tourists also visit the Oglethorpe statue in the Augusta Common and special events at James Brown Arena. The Augusta Mall in far western Augusta provides a popular shopping and dining venue. The U.S. military and the Veterans Administration employ many residents of the city. Augusta State University, the Richmond County School System and numerous retail service businesses also contribute to the local economy.

Although less expensive than Atlanta, Augusta's cost of living exceeds that of most small towns in Georgia. Homes here reflect a spectrum of prices. Modern single family structures usually command higher rents than apartments or trailers. Having said that, finding affordable areas nearby and other great places to live in and around Augusta is easy using the filters above. Simply select the information that is most important to you and let AreaVibes do the rest. We'll sort the list according to your preferences and show you the best places to live in Augusta.