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Good town to raise family

We’ve lived in Asheville for almost 30 years. Unlike many people who just move to a town without any connections, we’ve had many strong connections through work, school, sports, etc. Asheville has a lot going for it, but it is not some liberal paradise like many make it out to be. It is far more liberal than most of NC, but there are lots of kinds of people here. It is mostly white, but it’s getting more diverse. Now to qualify this, we do not live in the city limits. We live 15 min from downtown out in the county. Our neighborhood is quiet, peaceful, virtually crime free. I can reach most of the stores most of you use within 10 or 15 min, including target, Whole Foods, grocery store, etc. Traffic is getting worse because everyone is moving to Asheville. Jobs are scarce. Professional, senior level positions I mean. Service industry, tourism, and light manufacturing are big, as is the community hospital mentioned by previous reviewer. Mission hospital did indeed stand up to the largest insurer in NC to insure profitability for the hospital. Yes it was painful for the many people who use BCBS of NC. But the reviewer gave only one perspective, failing to note how large and profitable BCBS of Nc is, and they refused to negotiate without dictating the terms. One of these was no rate increase for the hospital for several years. So yes, we have an exceptionally well managed hospital, with all the failures and successes of most modern facilities. It rates high, and is the largest employer in our region. It is in the process of being sold to HCA for over 1 billion. It is one of the better jobs in town, so lots of jobs for RNs, MDs and PAs. If you are a new age healer, or massage therapist, you may starve. There’s 25 for every 100 residents :) And therapists too. Some poor lady in previous post could not find a good therapist, but this town is loaded with them, in old historic homes converted to offices on S French Broad, Chestnut, etc. Housing is rediculous here. This is the other good work opportunity. My friends have done very well buying real estate over past decades for rentals. AirBNB whole house letting is forbidden in parts of the city, but out in the county it is a popular way to supplement the marginal incomes common in AVL. Tourism is big time, with 40% increase in hotel rooms from 2014 to 2019 (permitted). It really is challenging going downtown during the summer. We avoid it for most part but it’s not that difficult to find parking. We have excellent restaurants. If you can’t find places to eat here then you are unique. Plenty of unique people....As far as crime, the statistics don’t really reflect the reality for most people living or moving here. Most crime is poor on poor, domestic violence, drugs, and some other property crimes. Just like anywhere, your neighbors can really shade your experience. Racism is no more an issue here than other places. But all it takes is a few chance interactions and it is easy to conclude that a place is racist. Or anti Lesbian. Um that’s just silly. There are so many lesbians in this town. I guess some go to church. So? I think I reflect the typical Asheville resident in saying, “who cares?” I remember 20 years ago a new employee from another state came, and had a bumper sticker that said, “nobody knows I’m gay”. I wanted to cross it out and write “nobody cares I’m gay”. I guess the pride thing isn’t so big here because people are less preoccupied with that movement specifically? They’re just gay and preoccupied with raising families, soccer, beer, gardening, festivals, kayaking, mtn biking, shopping, eating. You know, living. But hey, different strokes. I know all kinds of backwards judging Babptist and even they don’t pay much attention to lesbians. Gay men have it far worse in that respect. So my gay men friends tell me. Several of my kids friends have gay parents. My kids don’t blink an eye at that. Meanwhile their cousins in Atlanta have 13 yo transgender kids on their swim teams. Wearing a one piece one year and a Speedo the next. This is just the world we live in, not the city. My kids love it here. They attended Asheville High which is 40% black. We purposely transferred out of the county district to Asheville High because of diversity, academic programs, and athletics. Our kids did very well there, peers went to Ivy leagues, or other top tier regional schools. One of mine finished undergrad in 3 years, by in large due to all the AP courses ar Asheville High. Off to med school in Aug. the other is in biz school in Raleigh. Visiting or moving to a town can create impressions based on random interactions. I exoerimced this traveling, when I return to a beautiful place in Asia or wherever, it’s not like the last time. Maybe it sucks. Sometimes it’s just a couple of interactions, or our own attitudes that form our impressions. All that said, I want to move away for a while. I’ve spent a good part of recent years out of the country, and I tire of Asheville for reasons that are irrelevant to those of you relocating here. But there’s nearly a quarter million people in this county now, and growth has really accelerated. We love our quiet corner out here, our crisp, clean well water, land for garden, moderate weather. But it is the south, and areas surrounding Asheville are Appalachia. There is a distinct culture and rich history in these mountains, but most of the reviewers here have likely barely scratched that surface. Just hoping to offer a more balanced view of Asheville, or the greater area. Most of us live out in the county and I can go weeks or months at times without going downtown. The traffic is getting worse, but people are far more courteous and less aggressive drivers than found in Atlanta, Raleigh, DC, Chicago, etc.
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Is there a lot of annoying noise in this city? My husband and I are contemplating moving to Asheville, but we've never been there. We're moved to new cities a few times and usually the results have been favorable-until now. Klamath Falls, Oregon has fighter pilot jets flying from morning till night every day and absurdly loud train whistles. Also,a majority of the people here are on drugs and take no responsibility for their dogs, who they allow to bark …
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Server Salary- Top Paying Restaurants in Asheville This question is directed to the restaurant professionals working in Asheville. We're considering moving to Asheville from a large city. My husband works as a server in a fine dining restaurant and makes 55-65K. We're prepared to take a hit to his paycheck in Asheville, but we're wondering if the hit will be too much for us to stomach. I would love to know the restaurants where you'd …
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