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Pest Control Recommendation? In serious need of a good pest control company. Specifically for bed bugs... Need I say more. Let me know if you know of any! Answer question
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Xray tech jobs Hi, I'm moving to asheville in April 2018, I was wondering if my bmo/xray tech license will do me any good there, or will I have to get an AS degree? I have 10 years of xray/ma experience, but only Florida bmo license, we must leave this place asap, its awful here, please help Answer question
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Schools Relocating to Asheville with a daughter who will be a senior. Great student and very good at track and field, Hurdles and heptathalon. What are the best High Schools and neighborhoods? Answer question
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Does Anyone know about employment at the Pisgah Inn I recently got a offer at the Pisgah Inn. I applied through craigslist and received a call from the personnel mgr asking for references. I sent them and then received a email (through craigslist several days ago) saying they would love to have me (come up on such and such a date). Problem is I have sent several other messages asking specifics (what to bring, uniforms ect) and have not heard anything back (I have even left voice mail to the personnel office). Nothing! Can anyone tell me anything about their experience there. I am suppose to be there in a day or two and do not know what to expect. They offer housing for employees but thats all I know. Help?? Answer question
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Server Salary- Top Paying Restaurants in Asheville This question is directed to the restaurant professionals working in Asheville. We're considering moving to Asheville from a large city. My husband works as a server in a fine dining restaurant and makes 55-65K. We're prepared to take a hit to his paycheck in Asheville, but we're wondering if the hit will be too much for us to stomach. I would love to know the restaurants where you'd think he'd make the most money, and how much money you'd think he can make. He's a top notch server. Answer question
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Is there a lot of annoying noise in this city? My husband and I are contemplating moving to Asheville, but we've never been there. We're moved to new cities a few times and usually the results have been favorable-until now. Klamath Falls, Oregon has fighter pilot jets flying from morning till night every day and absurdly loud train whistles. Also,a majority of the people here are on drugs and take no responsibility for their dogs, who they allow to bark incessantly. Most anything else I can suck it up and deal with, but this noise is driving me crazy. We researched the city before moving here but I wasn't told about this so I'm trying to make sure we don't have the same problem somewhere else. Answer question
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