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California High Desert's best

I have lived in Apple Valley for over 25 years, having moved from "down the hill" Riverside County and Los Angeles County. One of the things that immediately appealed to me was the cleaner air. Now Southern California is well known for smog and I'm not going to say that we never have a smog day up here, but....the air is cleaner than other Southern California areas and the sky is so blue during the day and at night the stars seem to just pop out of the dark sky. Since moving here, I can say that the area has grown substantially. It used to be mostly retired people in my area, but now there are many families and couples. Housing boomed in the late 1990's and 2000's, so there are lots of newer homes to choose from, as well as apartments and townhouses. Many of the people who live here actually work in Los Angeles County or elsewhere, but we do have our share of good paying jobs, just not as many as "down the hill". There are many movie theaters and chain restaurants nearby, as well as some "Mom and Pop" restaurants with great food and family atmosphere. Schools are good to great. I have 2 daughters, both of whom attended mostly public schools here, switching to a public charter in their high school years. Some people wait years to get their children into several of the top charter schools around, putting their child on the list when they are born to assure a spot in the future. There is one community college nearby as well as several "satellite" campuses for other colleges offering limited bachelor degree programs. There are several performances at the community college each year that provide great entertainment such as plays, musicals and ballet and live choral performances. There are also a number of good dance studios for learning jazz, ballet and tap. The weather has extremes on each end. In summer, it is common for temps to top 100 to 115. In winter, we have experienced lows down to 10 degrees. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons with highs in the mid 80's and lows in the 40's. I love living here. The only thing that bothers me from when I first moved here is that with more people moving in, more crime has come as well. 25 years ago it was rare to hear a siren, now it is fairly common as accidents, medical emergencies and crime has increased. Still, I have no intention of moving anywhere else.
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Apple Valley, California - The Place To Live, Work and Play!

I have lived in the city of Apple Valley, California for most of my life. My family moved here from the East coast for the warm sunshine year round. Because this city is only an hour and a half from LA, being bored is never an option. There is great cultural diversity among the 75,000 people who call this area home and this area is a favorite for stars. Trying to escape the crowds of the big cities brings many people to Apple Valley. Because of the high elevation, Apple Valley is often referred to as the "High Desert". There are 78 square miles in this little town and it has ample things to do in these few miles. There are more than 350 days of sunshine each year, talk about perfect weather. Even during the winter months the temperature does not get any lower than 40 degrees. This area is known for the low crime and excellent schools and health care. The average family makes around $55,000 a year, so this area is not overly expensive either. On a warm sunny day, which there is many of, I love to take my children to one of the city parks. There are fifteen parks in all, more than a great selection to choose from. There are great restaurants and decadent cuisines. My favorite place to eat is Mama Carpino's Italian. The portions are so large one would feed two. I also enjoy the down home cooking that can be experienced in this restaurant. Another restaurant my entire family loves is Las Brisas Restaurant. In Apple Valley, there is so much diversity in the food selections, which is perfect for any family. Whether a family is looking for a nice place to raise a growing family or a place to settle down in, Apple Valley is perfect. Some come here for new jobs and a fresh start; others come to be close to the center of California's action, without all the hustle and bustle. Whatever the reason for coming to Apple Valley, one a person visits; they will want to call this city home.
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